Ways to Maintain an Inverter Battery to its Fullest Potential

Ways to Maintain an Inverter Battery to its Fullest Potential

A working inverter battery ensures that you still have access to electricity in the case of power cuts and can run electronic appliances as needed. An integral part of an inverter system, batteries are rechargeable, charge fast, and work with true efficiency. They are reliable, often available in different variants with many features, capacities and price ranges.  

When choosing an inverter battery, make sure to go with a branded option for originality, safety, high performance, and warranty span. At the same time, it is essential to remember that with regular exposure to heat and charge and discharge, batteries will eventually get old and worn out. So no matter which battery you bring home, it needs timely maintenance and proper care for a long lifespan and uninterrupted operation. In other words, routine battery servicing and maintenance is essential for the battery’s optimal health and performance. Please find below a few ways that can potentially help you maintain an inverter battery to its fullest potential.

Taking Care of Your Inverter Battery

Store inverter properly – An inverter will heat up during its operation. Storing it in a dry, properly ventilated area without direct sunlight will give it natural air cooling circulation, minimizing chances of heating issues. 

Use distilled water to top up the battery – Make sure to check if the water level is balanced. During top-up, use only distilled water because tap water or RO water may have impurities, dirt or excess minerals, which would eventually shorten the life of a battery. 

Keep at the right place – Keeping an inverter battery at the wrong place means inviting dangers. Keep them in a safe place away from the reach of children. Also, make sure it is away from any source of fire. 

Monitor acid level – Look at the float indicators to monitor the status of the acid levels. Also, do not overfill batteries, as it could be dangerous. 

Replace when necessary – Regularly inspecting a battery will ensure it’s working well. If it’s dead or has been damaged, replace it immediately.

Watch the terminals – Periodically check a battery’s terminals, and dust or worn-out rusty surfaces, if spotted, should be cleaned. 

Also, make sure to check the battery wires. Damaged wires will degrade the battery performance and increase the risk of short circuits and other issues. 

If you need assistance in cleaning, maintaining, and topping it up with distilled water, take the help of an expert.  

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What can Affect the Performance of the Inverter Battery? 

Several factors can affect the function of an inverter battery and could make it die earlier than expected. Overuse, lack of regular maintenance, overcharging or undercharging, environmental conditions, improper use etc., are some of the many reasons that could potentially lead to the damage of an inverter battery. Let dive more into this. 

The life span of a battery largely depends on the type of its use. They could wear out quickly if used to power up appliances and equipment that are not recommended to go with them. 

Oftentimes the cause of degraded inverter battery is the poor quality battery charger. Also, overcharging can make an inverter battery to lose its efficiency, leading to its premature failure. If an inverter battery is getting overly hot, it may be a sign that it is overcharged. 

Inspect an inverter battery regularly to see signs of electrolyte leakage, which could cause a battery to fail. Rusted battery terminals can also shorten the life of the battery and make the inverter to stop working. So, it’s important to check the terminals regularly. If signs of corrosion or rust are seen, cleaning it carefully with a dry cloth should help. 

No matter the type of battery, they have a specific lifespan. Not maintaining them properly will shorten the lifespan, whereas adequate maintenance and timely care will ensure it’s used to its full potential. When choosing an inverter battery, always buy from a trusted brand. 

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