4 Reasons for Inverter Not Charging

4 Reasons for Inverter Not Charging

One electric thing that is the most neglected in a household is an inverter. We generally forget to look in for its maintenance until we face an issue with its working. Since an inverter converts DC electricity from batteries into AC electricity, the applications they can support are diverse. Thus, it’s obvious that its failure or breakdown can cause interruptions and significant losses. The most common cause of failure of an inverter is an improper installation. The other problems that could lead to an inverter not working are covered in the next section. Apart from this, other things that can hinder the smooth charging of an inverter are:

What is the problem if the inverter is not charging?

  • Dead Batteries: One of the most common reasons for the inverter not charging is a dead battery. The only solution to this problem is battery replacement. You can easily purchase an inverter battery yourself or can take a professional’s help in buying one.
  • Burnt Rectifiers: Rectifiers are basically step-down transformers that tend to get burnt in some cases. In this case, one needs to get the inverter repaired. This could happen due to improper working of the cooling fan. Also, make sure that the quality and the nature of the internal circuitry are good to avoid problems.
  • Melted Fuses: Melted Fuses is one of the reasons for the inverter not working properly. The main cause for blown fuses includes reverse polarity or a short circuit within the appliance. Also, if the inverter is being overheated or used, then also there are chances of the fuse melt or blow off. In such a situation, one needs to disconnect the device and get a new one installed through a professional.
  • Loose Battery Connection: Loose battery connections can also be one of the major reasons for the inverter not charging properly or at all. In this case, you must check the battery terminals for corrosion and then clean and clamp them properly. If you think that’s tricky, call in for a professional’s help for the same. 
  • Faulty Power switch: If your inverter has been malfunctioning, then one of the reasons can be a faulty power switch. This is an easily identifiable and solvable issue when it comes to inverters. All you need to do is unplug the inverter from its usual socket and plug in another device in the same socket. If the device does not power on, then there is a problem with the power switch and not the inverter. You can then plug the inverter into another power switch, and it should work smoothly.

How to check if the inverter is charging the battery?

While understanding the causes of inverter malfunction is essential, it’s just as important to know how to identify whether an inverter is working or not. This is often a question most people have since, in some cases, it can be confusing to know whether your inverter needs repair or not. One tip is to check the voltage of the battery. Do this after 1 hour of charging, and then disconnect the battery from the inverter. If the inverter is working fine, the voltage on the batteries will rise. Another method is to use an amp meter to measure the current passing through the inverter. If the amp meter measures current as 0 then the inverter is not working.

What Do if Inverter UPS Does Not show Charging?

If your Inverter UPS does not display any charging, then you can start by doing a basic test of the power switch, checking for a tripped inverter or disconnected batteries. These are simple checks that will quickly ascertain whether the inverter is working or not. If these do not give you an exact understanding, then check for dead batteries, burnt rectifiers, improper installations, melted fuses, and loose battery connections. We have covered these points in depth so you, too, can identify why your inverter is not showing charging.

What To Do When Inverter is Not Charging

Oftentimes even when you do know what has caused the inverter to malfunction, you will still need external assistance to get it fixed. You shouldn’t ignore the problem but rather get it fixed immediately. This is because Inverters are essential devices that must be in proper working conditions at all times to avoid disruption and inconvenience.

When you are facing some issues with the working or charging of your inverter, it’s best you get the issue checked and resolved at the earliest. If you are looking for a trusted brand for replacing your inverter or inverter battery, look in for Livguard’s inverter and inverter batteries for home. We are one of the leaders in providing the best, robust, long-lasting, and most efficient inverters. Livguard is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing trusted inverter and inverter batteries and our products come with a good warranty span and unmatched results.

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