7 Tips to Maintain an Inverter Battery

7 Tips to Maintain an Inverter Battery

A battery is the core of a power backup system. It needs replacement twice or more in its lifetime depending upon its usage, performance, maintenance and upkeep. The battery gets old or worn out from exposure to heat and repeated charging and discharging. With a few maintenance tips and tricks, one can extend the life of a battery’s lifespan. Some of the easiest and quickest tips on how to maintain an inverter battery are:

  • Regularly Clean the Terminals: It’s important to periodically check the terminals of the inverter battery and keep them clean from dust or worn-out rusty surfaces. Also, ensure that the water level is not below the minimal level.
  • Always Store and Install Battery in an Airy Space: Airy and spacious location provides natural cooling air circulation to counter the inverter battery heating problem. Thus, cool and airy spaces are preferred for storing the inverter battery.
  • Top-up the Battery with Distilled Water: Normal tap water and RO water should not be used for top-up as they contain dirt and other impurities that can shorten the battery life. Therefore, distilled water is preferred for battery top-up.
  • Keep the Batteries Away from Inflammable Objects: To avoid disasters and fire mishaps, it is advisable to keep the inverter battery away from inflammable objects. The battery can catch fire through them.
  • Check the Acid Levels: To check the acid levels, look at the float indicators. The acid level should be equal in all the cells for the proper working of the inverter battery. Also, ensure that the batteries are not overfilled. Doing otherwise can prove dangerous for its operation.
  • Keep the Battery Surface Spotless: To ascertain the proper functioning of a battery, you should check for any deposition of dirt on its surface. If you find dirt, try to clean it with a dry cloth. This way, you will be able to keep the battery clean.
  • Damaged Wire Affects Performance: Test the battery wires for any crimp, break, and insulation melt. Damaged wires reduce the battery output and also raises the risk of short circuits and other dangers in the house.

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