Why Batteries are Important to Start Your Vehicle?

Why Batteries are Important to Start Your Vehicle?

Every non-living thing needs a push to start working. They are made to serve a definite purpose for various living things. Just like the car, which was invented to make the mode of commutation easy and time-saving. Too much research has already been invested into the making of each and every part of the vehicle.

Over time, many brands have evolved, each promising one or the other feature better than the others. Talking about the important variants of a vehicle, the battery will surely top the list, as, without that, no vehicle can start. When you insert the key in your car’s ignition and turns the switch, the signal is sent to the car’s battery. By receiving this signal, the car battery converts the chemical energy into electrical energy, which is imperative to crank the engine.

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There are a few interesting facts about car batteries that you must know:

  • Materials in vehicle batteries are the most recycled consumer product in the world.
  • Recyclable batteries are not only a sustainable choice but a responsible one too.
  • The invention of car batteries solved a very serious problem with electric starters. Apparently, a car’s mechanical starting crank hit an engineer on the head, costing him his life.  
  • Using the recycled parts significantly lower environmental footprint.

So, let’s look at some of the essential elements which make batteries so important for the vehicle.

  • Battery Voltage: It is the amount of electric potential your battery holds. The standard automotive battery in today’s vehicle is a 12-volt battery. This voltage plays an essential role in the performance of the battery.
  • Chemical reaction: A chemical reaction generates electric energy to start the car.
  • Cranking power: Vehicles engine requires cranking power to start.

Livguard is the pioneer in the field of manufacturing the best automotive batteries countrywide. It provides the best cranking power with a long warranty span to all its customers. So, to summarise the topic, let’s just state that

Our car battery provides the bolt of electricity required to put the car’s electrical components to work. It also converts chemical energy into electrical energy that powers your car and delivers  required energy to its starter. It also stabilizes the voltage to keep the electrical component running.

The battery might look very small, but it provides huge power to the car to run smoothly. Therefore, the decision of buying a battery is important to drive the longevity of a car and its part. Livguard understands this aspect and thus offers the best car batteries for all purpose. All the automotive batteries are designed to deliver a perfect experience, despite the unruly tough terrains of Indian roads. 

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