How to check the condition of your vehicle’s battery

How to check the condition of your vehicle’s battery
Your vehicle’s battery health is very crucial for the proper functioning of your vehicle – you won’t be able to even start your car if the battery is dead. Usually, automotive batteries last four to five years on average, but it can vary. For example, in extreme climates, a battery may only last three years. To help ensure that you don’t find yourself stranded, be proactive – regularly check your battery for signs of depletion.
Visually inspecting the battery is the easiest way to check its condition. Though you cannot tell about the battery’s voltage or amperage charge, you can definitely find out if there is corrosion or wear and tear. But make sure to read the safety manual before you start working on your vehicle battery What to look for while visually inspecting?

If you find any powdery deposits on either of your vehicle’s battery terminals, it means your battery is on the verge of corrosion, clean them with a metal brush, or a toothbrush along with a paste of water and baking soda. Make sure to remove both the positive and negative connections before cleaning the battery.
If the corrosion is not severe then it is usually not a problem. However, if the problem increases, it may form larger buildups that prevent the battery from accepting or delivering a charge by acting as an insulator.

Cracked Casing
Replace your vehicle battery if you find any crack on the external casing or the outer cover. You can also check with an expert at an automotive store if the crack is repairable or not. If the battery needs to be replaced, store it in an acid-resistant storage container until you can dispose of it.

Damaged Cables

If you find the connector cables/wires damaged or exposed immediately replace them with new ones. These cables transmit electrical energy from the battery to the engine so, leaving them exposed can cause electrocution or electrical burns.

Examine your battery for these issues every month. This way you will be able to make out if the car battery needs a replacement or expert assistance. If you are not able to check the battery properly or you are struggling with any part in the process, visit your local auto parts store or dealer and ask for help. You will be able to understand better for the next time you inspect your vehicle.

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