Why a Solar Invertor is Better for your Home?

Why a Solar Invertor is Better for your Home?

Before jumping to the factors to know why a solar inverter is better for your home, let’s just find out first, as to why an inverter is important for your home. In this era of excess load, excess heat, excess pollution etc. power cuts are the most common scenario we are facing today. But who likes power cuts? Everyone wants an uninterrupted source of electricity to run the basic appliances and various gadgets at our home.

Our lives have become too dependent and gadget centric. Therefore, we get restless when we don’t get our regular supply. The solutions are simple, either shift into a 100% power backup residential society or buy yourself an inverter.

The cities or places where power backups are not possible, inverters have become an essential entity for survival. Fans, lights, charger points, etc are some of the essentials that we look forward to work on an inverter. Now, imagine the same situation where the complete backup power is provided to you by a solar inverter.

A solar inverter converts the electricity from your solar panels into power that can be used by the plugs in your house for your TV, computer, and other wired products. 

Benefits of having a Solar Inverter

  • Helps in diminishing the greenhouse impact
  • Financially effective and can be used efficiently for other gadgets that utilize the sunlight vitally
  • Electricity bills are reduced to a great extent
  • Easy to set up and more reasonable compared to generators
  • Maintenance is easy and works well with usual maintenance as well
  • Solar inverters change DC into AC and are a reliable source of conversion
  • Empowers small businesses and setups by reducing their energy needs and requirements

Important Info

  • One-time premium investment
  • Sunlight is necessary
  • Requires a huge space
  • It needs a battery to work during night time

Although the initial cost of implementing a solar inverter is huge, it is purely a one-time cost as the usual life span of a solar inverter ranges from 20-25 years. The solar panels generate DC. What one needs is a trusted brand to provide and install the complete solar power system. Livguard is that reliable and trusted brand, at your service and our inverters, is a pioneer in providing power from solar battery and grid as per the load profile.

Livguard provides an easy solution for all your energy needs in a more environment-friendly manner. We have been offering high-quality solar panels, solar inverters, solar management units, solar charge controllers etc. to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Offering a good warranty time, Livguard’s solar inverters are noiseless inverters following pure sine wave technology. They have the highest-rated solar charge controller to extract maximum power from solar modules in order to reduce your electricity bills.

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