The Environmental Impact of an E-Rickshaw

The Environmental Impact of an E-Rickshaw

E-rickshaws have been applauded as an environmentally sound and clean mode of transport by all. Conventional fuel vehicles have proved to be extremely detrimental to the environment owing to the huge carbon emissions by them. The various disadvantages of an auto-rickshaw are:

  • Rider’s disadvantages: This vehicle operates better than any other rickshaw in terms of physical labour and is a good option of commutation in congested streets of India, it had various disadvantages like:
    • Lack of important safety features, such as seat belts and doors
    • Significant potential for injury due to moderately high speeds
    • Costlier than other options
  • Social disadvantages: There were efforts made to convert auto-rickshaw to run on natural gas. But they did little good to reduce pollution as they have:
    • Inefficient, two-stroke engines
    • Generate a lot of noise
    • Generate more pollution

Some of the benefits of using an E-Rickshaw are:

  • Prolonged Durability: Buying E-rickshaws from trusted manufacturers can prove to be a noteworthy decision for all, as they come with prolonged durability and efficiency.
  • Low Running Cost: As E-Rickshaws run on battery and not on petrol or diesel, they prevent and saves smoke emission while functioning. It is also a safer and eco-friendly option to use.
  • Low Maintenance: As it is robust in construction, it doesn’t require much maintenance or care. Also, its essential spare parts are available anywhere and anytime, if required at the time of need.
  • Greater Turning Radius: As compared to traditional rickshaws, E-Rickshaws have a greater turning radius. Therefore, it is more convenient to use in busy and congested areas. Especially in metros, it proves to be a great option of commutation where parking and driving in narrow lanes are risky.
  • Livelihood: E-rickshaws are a boon to the common man in terms of commutation and travel. Without putting in much physical effort and investments, the earnings are quite good for an E-rickshaw driver as it saves cost on:
    • Petrol and diesel
    • Frequent repair in

It also ensures less spending by the traveler as well. Thus, a great option for both the rider’s and driver’s livelihood.

  • Recycle: The prominent advantage of using an E-Rickshaw is that the battery on which it runs is easily recycled.

Therefore, citing these merits, we can easily conclude that E-Rickshaws are a great substitute for auto-rickshaws and manual rickshaws. In terms of efficiency and durability, Livguard is considered to be amongst one of the best E Rickshaw battery manufacturers in India. Our E Rickshaw’s performance is impeccable and noteworthy with its robust outcomes. We have made our website with an easy dealer locator tab to enable everyone to find a suitable and sturdy battery for the E Rickshaw. Our team of experts also provide good guidelines on warranty registration and support services, for smooth and easy handling of E Rickshaw batteries. Visit the website for more information on E-Rickshaw batteries and easy buying options.

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