How Mainline Voltage Stabilizer for Low Voltage Works for Your Home

How Mainline Voltage Stabilizer for Low Voltage Works for Your Home

India is a country severely affected by power outages and voltage fluctuations. This causes a lot of harm to your electrical appliances like TV, fridge, air conditioner, etc. and poses a threat to the critical working of these valuable types of equipment. A right selection of an effective stabilizer can solve this problem along with ease and convenience. A stabilizer prevents undesirable voltage fluctuations from entering the appliances, thus making their operations trouble-free.

Mainline Stabilizers

A mainline voltage stabilizer is directly connected to the main power line coming into your home. These are unlike specialized stabilizers used for an individual appliance and fulfill the usage requirements of the entire house.

The stabilizers get this done by using electronic circuitry, which changes the required taps of an inbuilt autotransformer. It generates a desirable voltage with the help of high-quality electromagnetic relays. The mainline stabilizer acts as a safeguard between the house equipment and utilities, by continuously monitoring and stabilizing the voltage fluctuations. It ensures that your valuable appliances receive a consistent stabilized range of voltage, for a trouble-free and long operational life.

Working of Mainline Stabilizer

The stabilizer is installed between the main power supply of your home and your home appliances. This product is designed to smoothen any voltage fluctuations coming from the main power supply and provide a constant supply to the devices. It provides a constant supply of electricity within your device’s operating range. This helps prevent any unwanted damage due to overloading and increases the life of all the home appliances.

Few Tips to Select Mainline Stabilizer for Your Home

  • Check the voltage, current, and power rating of the device
  • Keep into consideration the power for all appliances that will be connected to the stabilizer
  • The working range of a stabilizer depending upon the level of power fluctuations in your area

The Salient Features One Should Look for in a Voltage Stabilizer

  • Mounting
  • Indicators
  • Time-Delay Systems
  • Digitization
  • Overload Protection

Livguard offers digital stabilizers to protect your home and appliances from various unwanted voltage spikes and surges. Our Digital Voltage Stabilizers for Mains are designed to meet the advanced energy needs of your home with convenience and comfort. The innovative design and technologically advanced features offer extra care and efficiency needed to safeguard all types of equipment by continuously monitoring and stabilizing the voltage fluctuations. The wide range of Livguard stabilizers comes with reliable and advanced technology features to safeguard all equipment from voltage fluctuations. Empower your home and your life with Livguard stabilizers.

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