Why Voltage Stabilizers are Essential for Major Households

Why Voltage Stabilizers are Essential for Major Households

Living in India is not a piece of cake. Yes, this statement holds in every sense when it comes to the power situation in India. Power surges and voltage fluctuations are very common in every middle-class home. Unless a high riser’s power backup protects your home, you are prone to these problems. But what about our appliances and gadgets?

How to protect them from these unwanted fluctuations? These regular power fluctuations pose a great threat to our daily utility appliances and can be regulated and safeguarded by efficient voltage stabilizers.

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

All appliances are designed and manufactured to operate on a certain supply voltage for maximum efficiency. This is known as an operating voltage. A voltage stabilizer is an electronic device responsible for correcting the voltage of electronic devices to provide a stable and secure power supply. This is imperative to prevent the damage caused to our home appliances and equipment by considerable fluctuations. Let’s look at the various benefits of using a voltage stabilizer at home.

  • Increases the longevity of gadgets and equipment
  • Reduces the rate of malfunction of appliances
  • Maintains a stabilized continuous power supply
  • Attenuates noise, interference and lightening
  • Protects against under-voltages and over-voltages of the mains

How to choose a right voltage stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is an efficient solution for our homes at a moderate cost. Many people, while researching to buy the apt voltage stabilizer for their homes, get very confused. What as a buyer, you need to understand in terms of the utility and purpose of a voltage stabilizer. You need to understand the total power ratings of your electronic appliances. Accordingly buy a good voltage stabilizer based on the power consumption and KVA rating of your appliance. While buying the stabilizer also consider the future expansion load.

Voltage Stabilizers have now become the basic need of every household. It protects the appliances at your home from damage and gives them a long life. Livguard’s high-end stabilizers come with innovative technology features and reliable design to safeguard all the connected appliances  from voltage fluctuations. We offer wide range of digital stabilizers to protect your  appliances from innumerable power surges and voltage spikes. Our brand is the pioneer in manufacturing reliable, robust and long-lasting stabilizers.

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