3 Key Benefits of Installing Voltage Stabilizers at Home

3 Key Benefits of Installing Voltage Stabilizers at Home

A voltage stabilizer is a necessity in today’s time, and it ensures that the home appliances are getting the desired power for optimum functioning. It is definitely an asset to protect all the electric goods in the house from the various power surges and fluctuations. These issues can result in permanent damage to the appliances and various other problems. We can easily say that a voltage stabilizer is crucial in keeping equipment running and in good condition.

The various benefits of having a voltage stabilizer at home are:

  • Ensures Safety: Electricity is a grave requirement for uninterrupted flow and working of our household. A voltage stabilizer ensures safety and secure power supply for proper functioning of devices anywhere.
  • Efficiency Under Adverse Conditions: With uneven voltage supplies, several problems can occur. For the smooth and constant functioning of devices, a voltage stabilizer is needed, and it helps in keeping voltage intact. It provides a constant voltage to a load even during voltage fluctuations.
  • Avoid Permanent Damage to Appliances: Every device requires different levels of voltage and frequent or recurring voltage fluctuations can result in permanent damage to the device. A voltage stabilizer prevents such occurrence and provides the required power to the devices. It acts as a protective shield and reduces chances of malfunction.

Salient features for choosing the right stabilizer

Choosing an efficient and robust stabilizer is essential for the smooth working of your household. Let’s look at some salient features to look for while searching for an ideal stabilizer.

  • Mounting: It should always be wall-mounted or placed at a height to save the risk of the stabilizer getting wet or damaged. It will also safeguard your family and others from being exposed to the risk of electric shock.
  • Indicators: These indicators display the voltage which has been regulated in order to supply power to the appliance.
  • Time Delay Systems: This feature enables a time-lapse so that the inbuilt compressor gets sufficient time to balance the current flow when a short duration power cut occurs.
  • Digitised: This feature makes the stabilisers more accurate and reliable and also adapt them to a variety of devices. Most of the digitised stabilizers will connect and adapt to generators if installed. 
  • Overload protection: It is a feature which turns off the stabilizer output completely in case of short circuit or any kind of burn-out in case of overload.

Livguard offers efficient stabilizers to protect your home and appliances from these unwanted voltage spikes and surges. They are designed and manufactured with advanced, innovative technology and stringent quality measures to safeguard all the electrical appliances from crucial fluctuations.

The wide range of Livguard voltage stabilizers comes with reliable and advanced technology features to safeguard all equipment from voltage fluctuations. We ensure overload protection and optimal functioning for best results in safeguarding the appliance from voltage surges. So, empower your home and your life with Livguard stabilizers.

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