The Benefits of Using Solar Power Systems for Home

The Benefits of Using Solar Power Systems for Home

The world is pacing at a great speed and is showing considerate desire in terms of the shift to renewables. More and more industries are adopting methods and techniques which are pushing towards renewable energy. They are aiming towards a greener and safer future with environmentally friendly activities and outputs. Home essentials come under the scanner more often as electricity is the most vital essentials of today’s household. The complete household comes to a standstill without electricity, and thus, various ways are induced to maintain its continuous flow.

The power of the sun, if channelized well, can be used to power up TVs, ACs, heaters, computers, microwave oven, and various other devices without interruptions and, at the same time, provide you with a great opportunity to save the monthly electricity cost. Making an intelligent and diligent investment in utilizing solar energy is the future. It also helps in reducing the carbon footprint, the dependency on centralized power supply, and much more.

Solar power is one of the popular types of alternate electricity source to be installed at homes. It is a highly reliable and sustainable power resource that can effectively run any and every device in your home.

The various components of the solar power system include:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Panels: These are the essential parts of a solar power system that helps commercial and residential spaces to utilise natural sunlight as a useful resource. They are the most visible element of your system and, thus, the most familiar one. Solar panels generate DV electricity as the sunlight stimulates electrons to move through solar cells that are in-built into the solar panels.
  • Inverters: Solar Inverters are a crucial part of solar technology. It converts the DC energy generated by the solar panels into AC current, which can then be used by all of the household appliances. These inverters transform the energy output from solar panels into consumable electricity form used in residential or commercial properties. The inverter is an essential piece of equipment that works constantly throughout the lifetime of the solar system, so it tends to be the piece most likely to have faults. The various types of solar inverters include:
    • Off-Grid Inverters: These inverters are taken use in remote systems where the solar inverter is fed DC power from a battery panel. The said battery panel is charged by solar panels.
    • Grid-Tie Inverters: These inverters got their name from the fact that they are associated with the grid. They feed power in the electricity grid by corresponding phase and frequency.
    • Battery Backup Inverters: These are special types of inverters that are particularly designed to draw energy from a battery. The charge of the battery is preserved by using an onboard charger, and additional energy is transferred to the grid.
    • Micro-Inverters: These are modern inverters in the solar industry. They are small, compact size and portable with a lot of performance. They are well-equipped with all the features of any central inverters.
  • Racking: Mounting or racking is the third most important component of the solar system. This is the thing that attaches your panels to your roof. Racking needs to be well thought of and of quality equipment from trusted brands. It should be ensured that correct procedures are followed, and the performance and safety of the solar energy system and family are guaranteed.
  • Batteries: Batteries are equipment that is used to store energy generated during the day to be used throughout the night. Battery technology is fastly developing into a more feasible option for those who primarily use their energy in the evenings. The value of installing batteries in the solar system depends on a range of factors like power requirement, usage, etc.   

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Factors To Look Before Installing Solar Power System

Before installing the solar system in your home, one should be aware of various factors and considerations of their household. These factors help in making the right choice for your house. These factors are:

  • Basic Considerations:
    • Calculate the approximate energy requirements and how much you are expecting to cover with a solar array.
    • The monthly and annual energy consumption.
    • How to optimise the electrical wiring of the house?
    • How much peak sunlight you can expect for the region?
    • Roof direction
    • Minimal shading
  • How much will solar panels are required: It’s important to see how much solar panel coverage will you need to almost completely meet the needs of your power consumption. This will estimate the number of solar panelling required in your household. It depends on:
    • the amount of sunlight one receives
    • the complete energy consumption.
  • Equipment Requirements: A solar system consists of:
    • Solar Panels
    • Inverter
    • Battery

There are many different solar panels and inverters for you to choose from.

Here are some useful rules to follow when choosing a solar panel or inverter:

  • Go for a renowned and trusted brand
  • Try to buy all three equipment from one brand
  • Cost: Even though prices have steadily been dropping as the home-based solar energy market expands, PV arrays are still a significant investment. For an accurate estimate of solar pricing for your home, consider using an online solar calculator.
  • Warranty: Most solar systems provide warranties like:
    • 10 years
    • 15 years
    • 25 years

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Let’s have a close look at the various benefits of adopting solar power of home. 

  • Save Substantial Money: Its installation might cost you a huge amount, but it can be treated as a worthy investment and helps you save a huge amount of money in the long run. People can effectively save on monthly electricity costs. Switching to solar electricity aids in depleting your dependence on grid-based electricity, where the solar panels directly allow you to generate electricity with the help of the sun. This will also result in increasing your monthly savings significantly. Thus, one should aim for an off-grid set-up to completely eliminate electricity costs.
  • Increase The Property Value: Equipping one’s home with a solar power system drives up the property value and offers an attractive selling point to market the property. Investing in solar power systems not only regain the initial cost of the solar systems while selling, but they also receive a premium that will increase the return on their investment.
  • Freedom From Centralized Grids: The dependency on the centralized grid automatically decreases once you install solar power systems. With so much climatic upheaval and inconsistent power supply, making your own resources definitely helps you in the longer run. Solar power also provides a secure future investment. Addition of a battery backup to your solar power system will provide you with additional independence.
  • Environment Friendly: Fossil generated resources are very harmful to the environment, and grid-based electricity is definitely disastrous for the environment. Utilising solar energy is definitely a renewable energy source, and it is beneficial for the environment. Solar power is completely clean and produces no air pollution, no water pollution, and no greenhouse gas effects. As it is carbon-free, it releases no harmful emissions when electricity is being produced by solar panels.
  • Cost-effective: Solar power systems are extremely durable and are easy to maintain. Their lifespan is of 25 years and they just require occasional dusting to remove dirt, leaves, or any other fragments.

Solar power is an environment-friendly solution that will help you save your electricity bill and also reduce your carbon footprints. Livguard is one of the pivotal names in changing the face of the solar industry with its innovative technology. Through constant innovation and technology up-gradation, we have been successful in delivering affordable energy renewable products for the betterment of humanity and the environment.

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