5 Useful Tips for The Smooth Working of Your Two-Wheeler Battery

5 Useful Tips for The Smooth Working of Your Two-Wheeler Battery

Two-wheelers are the soul of our Indian roads. They are one of the most common and essential vehicles for commutation. Many segments of Indian society are dependent on the two-wheelers for their daily traveling and commutation necessity. The soul and backbone of this vehicle is its battery. It is the most critical part for the smooth working of any vehicle, including two-wheelers as well.

These batteries are in-build to fight the various challenges of Indian roads and give a smooth experience to the rider at all times. Thus, they require regular maintenance and care. Some automotive battery tips for your two-wheeler battery are:

  1. Visual Inspection: Once every three months, a visual inspection will do some good and will prevent you from unnecessary expenditures. Look out for loose terminals and possible short circuits. Also, check for leakage, bulge, unsafe crack or split. These are some of the possible reasons for battery replacement.
  2. Clean the terminals: Corroding is a common problem with battery terminals. These could lead to a weak battery or issues related to the battery. Thus, these terminals or nearby areas should be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent this. Keep them in dry conditions always.
  3. Regular charging: Even during long periods of non-use, any automobile battery should be regularly charged. Charging keeps all the parts of the vehicle working smoothly and efficiently.
  4. Keep the battery clean and dust-free: Over some time, tiny dust particles, small pollutants etc tend to accumulate on the battery. These should be looked for and cleaned regularly. Clean wipe the bike battery.
  5. Top up at regular intervals: If you are still using the conventional bike batteries, check and ensure that the electrolyte cells are topped up with distilled water. The electrolyte levels are best kept within the upper and lower limit marked.

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