The Major Difference Between A Car Battery and A Truck Battery

The Major Difference Between A Car Battery and A Truck Battery

Making the right choice of batteries for the vehicle ensures the quality and efficient performance of the vehicle. Batteries are a potent source of power that determines the calibre of the vehicle. The major difference between a car battery and a truck battery is the rate at which they deliver current, and how they are designed. A tractor battery might have a chance to be used in a car, though it is not recommended, a car battery should not be used in a truck.

Differences between a car battery and truck battery

  • Current: After the car starts, the vehicle’s alternator supplies most of the electricity. A car battery is designed with thin plates while a truck battery uses thicker plates. A truck battery starts the engine and provides a steady current for extended periods.
  • Battery ratings: Car batteries are rated in cold cranking power while truck batteries are rated in Amp-hours.
  • Choosing the battery: Car batteries produce more cracking power for starting while truck batteries are more durable.

Benefits of a Truck Battery

  • High performance: Trucks require more power to start as compared to a four-wheeler. A quality truck battery is designed to efficiently start-up larger vehicles with enough power to support the higher amps required.
  • Recharge faster: A faster charging truck battery makes them more powerful and reliable. It is beneficial in extended usage.
  • Longer battery life: Truck batteries are designed for a longer life span than standard batteries.

Types of Truck Battery

  • AGM – The technology used in AGM batteries is more sustainable because of the parts which are recyclable.
  • Lithium-Ion – These are ideal high-performance batteries because they can store more energy than conventional batteries.
  • Lead Acid: This is a very common option for trucks. It features a lead and acid combination, which stores the electric charge.

Be it a car battery or a truck battery, Livguard is a trusted name in manufacturing robust, durable and efficient automobile batteries for vehicles. The prominent characteristics of Livguard batteries are:

  • Survive the worst of road conditions with ease
  • Prompt ignition power
  • Shields all kinds of jerks and shocks
  • Lasts longer
  • Better resilience
  • Conditioned to withstand each kind of harshness
  • Easy for usage and maintenance

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