The Ultimate Guide: Best Inverter and Battery Jodi 2023

The Ultimate Guide: Best Inverter and Battery Jodi 2023

Are you worried about peak summers and the probability of increased power cuts in your locality? Imagine if you are working from home or a student preparing for exams and the electricity goes off; situations like these can be worrisome! During a power outage, even a normal inverter with a battery that is well-maintained can provide power to essential systems, such as communication systems, lights, and medical equipment. This can be essential in emergencies, like natural disasters, during which power outages can be expected. 

Herein is the ultimate guide to understanding how an inverter and battery jodi works. Find out how Livguard’s over 2 Crore Happy customers found their match, and how you can select the best inverter with a battery for your home with Livguard. 

Selecting the Right Inverter/Battery Jodi: How to Pick the Best Option for Your Needs

To experience better performance and longer life from your inverter and battery jodi, it is vital to select the right one based on your requirements.

Therefore, it is always better to spend some time, learn your power requirements, and make an informed decision by selecting the best inverter with a battery for your use. And how can you do this? It’s simple, follow through these steps to find the right fit for your home.

Learn About Your Power Usage

Before you select an inverter and a battery, the most important thing you need to do is understand your home and business power requirements. This can be done by considering all the electronic appliances and gadgets that you wish to run during the power cut.

Now, there are many formulas in the market to help you manually calculate this. But it is a very time-consuming and complicated process. Instead, you can opt out of that strenuous procedure by using Livguard’s Power Planner for making load calculations for your appliances. 

Livguard’s Power Planner is unlike any load calculator on the market! It is the key to having personalised energy solutions. It helps you spot the best inverter and inverter battery products that fit the needs for your home, ensuring steady power supply all the time.

Livguard’s Power Planner makes it incredibly simple for you to calculate your house load requirements and suggests the best possible inverter and battery jodi for your usage. 

Find your ideal inverter and battery in 3 easy steps! 

Step 1: Choose your property type.

Step 2: Add the devices you use and remove the ones you do not use.

Step 3: Add the number of hours you need your backup and the average consumption. 

Average consumption = the number of devices you may use at a given point on battery backup. 

After adding all the information, the Livguard Power Planner will suggest the best inverter battery jodi suitable for your needs!

Other Important Factors

To choose the best inverter and battery, it is essential to consider the kind of battery, capacity, warranty, cost, and reputation of the company. 

This is why, Livguard offers you wide range of inverter and battery options which check all of these parameters. With best-in-class warranties, a wide network of channel partners which you can access through our dealer locator over 21000+ cities, and exceptional service, we strive to offer you the best limitless energy experience of your life!

The following are some of the points that make Livguard inverters and batteries a suitable choice for small businesses and offices:

  • Best-In-Class Warranty
  • Smart Charging Using AI
  • Additional Load Carrying Capacity
  • Long Lasting Battery Life 
  • High Backup

If you have a higher usage and need a more powerful inverter and battery, you may use the Power Planner load calculator by Livguard. Here, you can customise your usage as per your property, power used by devices or rooms, number of hours you need backup and your average consumption. The intelligent power consumption calculator will also suggest the best inverter with a battery for you that will provide maximum support during power shortage.

Wrapping Up

Installing an ideal inverter and battery might not be an option but a necessity now. With our increasing dependence on technology from work to daily life and temperatures rising so rapidly, inverters have become an essential part of our lives. 

Livguard aims to produce high-quality inverters so that your life can function without a hitch! Find a variety of inverter and battery options on our website, or contact our dealers via our dealer locator, so you can select a product that matches your needs. 


Q1- Can I fill my inverter battery with regular water?

A- No, An inverter battery should never be filled with regular tap water. You should fill it with distilled water because the dissolved salts and ions in regular water can harm your inverter’s battery life. Therefore, only distilled water must be used to top up your battery. For any service related query, contact our experts at- 1800-1025-551 or +91-7428191000.

Q2- How often should I add distilled water to my inverter battery?

A- Lead-acid batteries need water top-up, yes, but not often. Before refilling your battery with distilled water, make sure to check the water level indicator and the acid level in the battery. Also, make sure that you do not overfill the battery as it can cause complications. You must also check if the acid in your battery is colourless, as it shows how well your inverter battery is operating. In case of any query, you should connect with an inverter battery dealer via Livguard’s dealer locator.

Q3- Why is my battery hot after charging?

A- While it is normal for the inverter battery to be warm after charging if it gets too hot you should contact the service team. It is possible that your inverter battery might be getting extra or additional load connected to it and hence, overheating. Connect with us at – 1800-1025-551 or +91-7428191000 in case of any service related query.

Q4- Is it ok to undercharge the battery?

A- If you undercharge constantly, or even to keep the battery away by getting away with a partial charge, it can be harmful. Undercharging the battery causes sulfation. Over time, it can diminish the performance of your battery.  Livguard’s smart AI charging reads battery’s current status automatically and charges accordingly.

Q5- Can I buy an inverter and battery together as a pair?

A- Absolutely! Getting an inverter and battery separately can be a hassle for many people. Livguard understands this and offers inverter and battery jodis. The Super Life Jodi and The Peace of Mind Jodi are our 2 popular products, suited for many homeowners.

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