Tips for Choosing Right Replacement for your Activa Battery

Tips for Choosing Right Replacement for your Activa Battery

Are you looking for a replacement for your Activa battery? Are you tired of choosing the wrong ones for it? So, here are the few tips which will help one choose the right battery for any two-wheeler, in your case, your Activa battery.

For Starters

Car batteries and scooty batteries are similar to the point that they function to power the engine in order to start and run the vehicle. But a two-wheeler battery is much smaller and lighter in weight when compared to a car battery. Please note that it requires the same amount of maintenance that a car battery requires. Understand the signals when a battery starts giving out and take immediate action by replacing it with a trusted and reliable brand like Livguard.

Let’s tell you why Livguard’s two-wheeler battery is the best battery for your Activa.

  • It is the best performance battery
  • It comes at an affordable and reasonable price
  • Get emergency battery replacement services
  • More cranking power
  • Innovatively designed with zero-maintenance
  • A wide range of MoRide batteries to choose from
  • 24+24* months warranty
  • Provides high safety standards as it is specially engineered with flame arresters at venting locations
  • Robust grid structure and double-clad separation offers a long life to the batteries

Also, read for some effective tips to extend the life of your two-wheeler battery

  • Check for loose connections
  • Disconnect when not in use
  • Don’t overload the battery with high-capacity lights and LED
  • Don’t exhaust the battery entirely and keep charging it regularly
  • Check for battery degradation

Having a good battery is an essential aspect to consider when you are set to scoot for narrow lanes and tough terrains in India. Many brands are offering good quality and high-performance two-wheeler batteries in the market, but why not begin with Livguard’s two-wheeler battery section on this website. 

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