E-Rickshaws: Sustainable Urban Transport in India

E-Rickshaws: Sustainable Urban Transport in India

Battery operated three-wheeler E-rickshaws are the next step in the evolution of rickshaws in India. Over the decade, the market of rickshaw has seen a tremendous up-gradation, from hand-pulled ones to cycle rickshaws to motor-assisted rickshaws. Though, each of them had their drawback, ranging from physical labor, to causing harm to the environment. E-rickshaws overcome all the drawbacks of the previous variants with their eco-friendly design and make.

E-rickshaw has an enormous potential to provide connectivity to people without manual labour. These vehicles have gained much popularity owing to the comfortable and economical mode of transport they provide to all.

Four Variants of Rickshaw

  • Hand-pulled rickshaw: The use of hand-pulled rickshaw was discouraged due to the concern for the welfare of rickshaw workers.
  • Cycle rickshaw: They are human-powered by pedalling, designed to carry passengers on a hire basis.
  • Auto-rickshaw: Human effort was completely eradicated in these ones. These are available in three variants.
    • LPG
    • CNG
    • Diesel
  • E-rickshaw: Owing to the pollution caused by auto-rickshaws, E-rickshaws have become operational in the public transport section, powered by lead-acid batteries.

Advantages of an E-Rickshaw

  • Eco-friendly: As these are battery-operated, they are an excellent choice of commutation vehicle as an alternative to petrol/diesel/CNG driven vehicle. They do not consume fuel and emit smoke, thus, reducing carbon footprints on the planet.
  • Economical: In comparison to other types of vehicles, these are affordable and a reasonable option for common buy. Not only for the owners, but it is also a cheap option for the passengers, and hence, they prefer these over others. The public has to pay fewer transport charges for the rides, thus making them an easy choice for all.
  • Easy to drive: These are easy to drive in comparison to hand-pulled rickshaws and requires the least manual labor.
  • No noise pollution: These do not make any sound and therefore, do not add to noise pollution.
  • Livelihood: E-rickshaws are a boon to a common man in terms of commutation and travel. Without putting in much physical effort and investments, the earnings are quite good for an E-rickshaw driver and less spending by the traveler as well. Thus, a great option for both the rider’s and driver’s livelihood.

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