Find a Livguard Dealer Near You with Our Dealer Locator – No More Confusion on Where to Buy Your Inverter!

Find a Livguard Dealer Near You with Our Dealer Locator – No More Confusion on Where to Buy Your Inverter!

Are you sick and tired of waiting for the power to come back every time the local transformer goes down?

Power cuts are extremely irritating and particularly unpredictable. Often taking place – right when you’re in the middle of completing an important task, attending a conference call, or even relaxing on weekends when the weather outside is too hot for a day out!

Worse yet, the summer season has onset when you specifically need your ACs, fans, and refrigerators more continuously.

Don’t fret much, though.

If you’re frequently troubled with the problems of power cuts and have to wait for hours on end to secure technical help, there is a simple hassle that will save you from all power disturbances.

Bringing an unlimited source of power into your home, aka, inverter!

Here’s where we want to mention Livguard Smart Inverter and Strong Battery Jodi which kicks in whenever you want and gives you power backup for long hours. What’s more, you don’t have to check out multiple stores to bring one home; you can easily purchase with the Livguard Dealer Locator.

In this blog, we will walk you through our dealer locator and how it helps you out. And more importantly, some of the best inverters for home use!

How to Pick the Best Inverter for Home Use?

Before we inform you how you can easily pick out the right inverter for home use, let’s first clear the air around the inverter.

An inverter is a source of backup power that converts low-voltage direct current into alternating power to provide your place with an unlimited electric supply. It kicks in when the power goes off to support your home appliances.

The two most common inverters are Sine-wave and Square-wave inverters.

  • A pure sine wave inverter helps to establish a dependable, high-quality source of power at any given point in time. These are compatible with almost all electronic devices, such as sensitive ones like home theatre systems, medical equipment, and computers.
  • The square wave inverter, on the other hand, is an economical pick and better at managing power surges. This makes them a better choice for appliances that are not sensitive to power fluctuations. They are a reliable backup for fans, motors, and lights.

This brings us to the big question – from where to buy the inverter? 

Introducing Livguard Dealer Network – Your one-stop solution to finding dealers near you

If you’ve decided which type of inverter to purchase or you’re interested to check out both options, Livguard ensures you don’t scout store to store.

To make that choice easy, we present you with the Dealer Locator.

A simple route to purchase a Livguard inverter in India based on your current location and address. It helps you pick out the closest shop to buy so you don’t have to waste your time looking for inverter or inverter batteries in different stores.

Moreover, you are provided with a list of dealers to enhance your convenience – you can go to the dealer that you find most feasible and nearest to your place.

Here’s how you can use our dealer locator: 

  1. First, visit our website Livguard and click on the dealer locator
Dealer Locator
  1. Next, you either have to enter your location, city, or zip code 
Dealer Locator
  1. Finally, a dealer list will appear providing information about the closest shops
Dealer Locator

You can directly visit any of these stores to make the purchase. Most of the dealers will provide installation services from their end. 

However, if you’ve some lingering doubts about Livguard Inverter or batteries, you can click on “Enquire Now” and share your contact details. Within a few hours, an expert from the team will connect with you and answer all your queries. 

Explore the Livguard Inverter Choices for Home Use

Let’s uncover some of the best Livguardinverters for home use:

1. LGS1100i: Sine-Wave Inverter

An inverter that promises to give you peace of mind with its unlimited energy and smart AI charging backed with a best-in-class warranty. Precisely created for use in homes, small shops, and offices, it is compact to place and durable for extended use.

2. LG1100: Square-Wave Inverter

Be assured of a smooth energy flow for your home by bringing in this inverter with a square wave output. Supportive of all battery types, this Livguard inverter detects overcharging, short circuits, and overload and ensures an uninterrupted power supply for your home.

3. LG155Oi: Square-Wave Inverter

Get the promise of an uninterrupted life with the Livguard inverter with an unlimited energy source and extra load capacity. It ensures that unpredictable power outages do not hinder your day-to-day activities.

4. LG1450i: Square-Wave Inverter

With one of the top 10 inverters in India backed with a best-in-class warranty and smart charging, this inverter for home is apt to meet your daily requirements. Backed with extra load-handling capacity and compatible with all battery types, it is a great pick.

Are you Ready to Pick One?

Undoubtedly, an inverter is a great investment in today’s fast-evolving times when almost everything relies on electricity. Using this buying guide will certainly help you pick an inverter for your home that meets your power requirement.

At Livguard, we are dedicated to delivering products that offer an unlimited power supply during blackouts, always ensuring comfort and productivity. With our Power Planner and Deal Locator, you can effortlessly pick the right inverter for your needs.

Not only just that, but we host Jodi combos that include inverters and compatible batteries, so you don’t have to waste time looking first for an inverter and then an inverter battery.

So, whether you’re searching for an inverter for your home or looking for an inverter-battery Jodi, Livguard is here for you!


Q.    Which inverter is the best for use in the home?

A. The best inverter for your home will depend on your power requirements, which will further help you to determine how much load capacity you require. For this, you can visit the Livguard load calculator or Power Planner, which helps you to find the ideal inverter for your needs.

Q.    How can you find the best dealers near you?

A. With the Livguard Dealer Locator, you can easily find out the best dealers and distributors near you to enquire about the interested inverter or simply make the purchase. Moreover, they can also help you with service-related queries.

Q.    When should you change the inverter battery?

A. It is recommended that you should change your inverter battery when they have worn out and are providing less backup. To find this out, call your nearest Livguard dealer by using the Dealer Locator or call us at 1800-1025-551.

Q.    Is a battery of 150 ah enough for your home use?

A. Yes, the battery of 150ah is more than enough for home use and supports long-lasting performance against consistent power cuts. All Livguard inverter batteries provide limitless energy and come with long as well as durable lifespan.

Q.    How to pick the right battery for your inverter?

A. It is best to pick an inverter battery that is congenial to your inverter and provides the necessary backup in times of need. As such, you can think about purchasing both the inverter and battery together. Livguard features inverters and batteries Jodis that will perfectly meet your home requirements.

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