Optimise Your Work-From-Home Setup with the Right Inverter Battery System

Optimise Your Work-From-Home Setup with the Right Inverter Battery System

Imagine waking up with a positive spirit to check everything off your work’s to-do list. You can start fresh, warmly greet your colleagues, cherish the homely comfort of your desk, etc. Undoubtedly 82% of employees prefer working from home, as it has perks.

But wait! What was that? Another power outage? Not today when you were ready to get going with your tasks! Are you sweating because of the sudden lack of a working fan, work stress, or both?

Don’t let a power outage take away your power to handle work-from-home or be your boss. During power outages, an unfit inverter battery system hampers many households and work needs.

But thankfully, with the best inverter and battery investment, those days of horror are gone. Livguard is here to keep your work-from-home experience a steadily advancing one.

The Power Needs of a Work-from-home Setup

Generally, a lot adds up if you consider the power needs of the computer you work on daily. And more so because your work-from-home usually does not end at just one laptop. Over recent years, studies have concluded that working from home uses up to 25% more electric power.

The electrical supply for a smooth work-from-home system setup includes several connections apart from your regular home appliances. In such cases, a compromise would not work. And this addition makes electrical outages more difficult to handle.

Today, one of the prime requirements of working from home is to overcome erratic power supply. Having undisturbed internet connectivity and a power supply to keep all your devices charged is a huge responsibility. 

Well, a strong and trusted inverter battery system needs to fulfil this responsibility. Having reliable power backup at home comes with investing in the best inverter battery in India.

Why Should you have an Inverter and Battery System for Working from Home?

It is not just about having power backup. Rather, it is about having a reliable backup system for home that serves all your power needs, even additional ones. Power backing systems like inverters help tackle long power cuts that can affect working from home. 

A home inverter converts direct current into alternating power for an uninterrupted supply to home appliances. Thus, the right battery choices are imperative to ensure smooth power and workflow.

Normally, the best inverter battery for home has several suitable qualities.

Smart Features

It goes without saying that investing in a smart and modern inverter system will save you trouble. A futuristic design makes installing, charging, and monitoring simple. The new functions and operations help to make maintenance easy too.

On top of this, a smart inverter is hassle-free when making space at home. The modern designs are often favoured in homes with lesser space. These designs are safe and prevent any leakage risks.

High-power Suitability

The very idea of having the best inverter and battery for work-from-home is to invest in one that supports the additional load. Naturally, you need your regular appliances running and expect higher power stability with work-from-home setup connections.

This largely depends on the duration and ampere-hour capacity (Ah rating) of your inverter batteries. Always check the Ah rating on the batteries that you buy to ensure that they are convenient for your work-from-home needs.

Effectiveness and Longevity

Undoubtedly, these are the two main expectations before buying an inverter battery for home. You need to be sure that the performance of the inverter is worth the expense. Today the market offers several varieties of batteries, from a flat plate to the most-trusted tubular types. You can figure out which works the best in these aspects. 

Make sure you invest in a high-quality product that has a longer lifetime of effective power storage and delivery. In such cases, it is always better to trust a well-known supplier than rely on local brands. 

Also, never forget to check the warranty period on your inverter batteries. This would save you a lot of power as well as power issues.

Noiseless Operation

As a work-from-home employee, you would expect all the peace at home. But what if that is disturbed by the main source of power that you depend on?

Of course, no one wants that! A loud inverter may disturb many daily household activities and be an obstacle, especially during work calls and meetings. High-quality inverters consider this as should you while listing the essential features of your home inverter battery system. 

Easy Maintenance

With working from home and other work at home, no one wants additional duties. That is why you should look for an inverter battery system that is low-maintenance. Keeping your inverters clean and free of rust is a job enough.

A tubular battery type is known to be very reliant as they do not need extra maintenance. Moreover, this recommended variety is also less harmful to the surroundings.

So, to ensure there are no compromises in work, let’s not compromise on our inverter battery qualities either. Be its duration, the effectiveness of power, maintenance, or cost, the best inverter battery in India would tick all these boxes.

Buying an Inverter Battery Fit for Working from Home

While purchasing an inverter or an inverter battery for home, you need to know the power load you require. Based on this, you can make your purchase to carry on with the work progress.

We support a battery that supports your home. Find out about some of the best Livguard inverter battery options.

  1. Livguard INVERTUFF Tall Tubular 150 Ah Battery

Experience undeterred energy supply with no maintenance issues with the Livguard INTERTUFF Tall Tubular battery. The high storage delivers power for a longer duration and also assures a 60+24-month warranty.

2.  Livguard INVERTUFF Tall Tubular

This Tall Tubular battery in the INTERTUFF series comes with 30+18 months of warranty. Resolve your power outage demands with an endless power supply that suits your work-from-home setup.

3. Livguard INVERTUFF Short Tubular Jumbo

The best inverter battery solution that supports your home office is here with the INVERTUFF Short Jumbo Tubular. The battery has all the benefits of a tubular type with a long 24+18 months warranty.

4. Livguard INVERTUFF Short Jumbo Tubular

The Livguard INTERTUFF Short Jumbo Tubular has 150 Ah power, suitable for all working-from-home needs. Moreover, the 36+18 months of warranty keeps away power supply problems so you can focus on work.

5. Livguard INVERTUFF Short Tall Tubular

The best of both tall and short tubular types comes in the Livguard INTERTUFF Short Tall Tubular inverter battery. With its futuristic design, effectiveness, and long-lasting service, you can have a relaxing work environment at home.

Now you know what to exactly search for instead of searching through lists of inverter battery near you. With a Livguard battery, you can focus on work and growth.

Calculate your Power Load Before Buying an Inverter Battery

Everyday work-from-home needs add up to a significant amount of energy consumption in your daily power usage. Hence, you need to be aware of how much the total load is and accordingly select the best inverter battery for your home.

Confused about how to calculate and plan for your homes? Let our load calculator help you here.

Load calculation is simple with Livguard’s self-explanatory power consumption calculator. Just follow these steps:

  • Select your housing type
  • Add all devices you need or select by rooms
  • Put in your preferred hours of backup supply

And now, just wait until we quickly do the load calculation for you. 

With expert assistance and customised directions, Livguard battery and inverter options are here to save your work-from-home days.


Q. How to choose the best power backup for your home?

In order to select the best power backup system for your home, you need to calculate your daily load. Understand how much power your day-to-day household uses with perpetually running devices plus additional needs. Add your devices to our power consumption calculator and find your power load to select a fitting inverter battery system.

Q. How many hours can a tubular battery supply power?

When it comes to a good tubular battery, it can deliver up to 3-4 hours of uninterrupted power supply. Make sure you keep it charged as well as maintained to ensure the longevity of the power supply over the years. Hours of the power supply provided by your inverter largely depend on its capacity and condition.

Q. Can frequent power outages affect an inverter battery system?

Generally, inverter battery systems are made to sustain power outages as well as handle fluctuations in supply. However, in some cases, extreme spikes and surges or disruptions in the electrical power grid can cause damage. These may lead to electrical and environmental hazards and hence need prior precautionary measures.

Q. Which inverter battery lasts the longest?

Compared to the various types of inverter batteries available in the market, the tubular battery type has the highest longevity. The tubular inverter battery can last up to 7 or 8 years, which is more than the usual 3-4 years duration of a flat-plate battery. The lifespan of your inverter also depends on how you maintain it over the years. Livguard’s tubular batteries come with extended warranty periods as well to make your investments worth it.

Q. What are the risks of installing an inverter battery?

In case your inverter battery systems are improperly installed, they can lead to a faulty supply. Moreover, this is often a common reason behind inverter battery failures or electrical issues that can be dangerous. Get expert help to calculate load, select the best inverter for your home, and install it safely, preventing any risks.

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