Top 4 Reasons To Use A Load Calculator For A Better Understanding Of Your Power Requirements

Top 4 Reasons To Use A Load Calculator For A Better Understanding Of Your Power Requirements

Good News!

You have just shifted into a new home and made the smart choice of investing in an inverter alongside other essentials. 

Yet, when the power goes out, you’re left without a fan, desktop, or even refrigeration for food. Your laptop’s battery is further draining quickly, and you are on work calls but can’t charge since the inverter doesn’t have enough power backup.

So, now you’re left pondering where exactly you went wrong. 

You purchased a reputable brand, secured an inverter with good load capacity, and even picked up a compatible battery. Even so, having an inverter and battery with good load capacity is essential, but having one that suits your power requirements is more important. 

The right question to ask here is: Is it suitable for your space and supports your sensitive appliances and essentials that you prefer working in extended power cuts? Perhaps not! 

Here’s when enter the perfect Load Calculator! 

Understanding your personalised power requirements is key to spotting the perfect inverter and inverter battery option for your home, always ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

Livguard Load Calculator, also known as Power Planner, is a one-of-a-kind tool that makes house load calculation straightforward and seamless. It has helped thousands of nationwide homeowners secure the right backup for power outages. 

Keep reading to learn more about our Load Calculator and why it is a must for you!

The top 4 reasons why you need it

1. To Make the Right Purchase 

As discussed above, a major reason to use a load calculator is to purchase the right inverter and inverter battery that supports your power requirements. It helps you determine your specific space electricity load and clarifies how much power your home appliances consume. 

Livguard inverter Load Calculator on that information provides you with a range of inverters and battery options that best meet your needs. 

You can better understand by connecting with a dealer nearest you with our Dealer Locator, who will guide you generously about which inverter and battery Jodi to pick. 

2. Suitable for High Power Requirements 

Another major reason to use Livguard Power Planner is to ensure that your inverter is suitable to meet your high-power requirements. You can easily calculate the home’s power requirements by understanding all the important appliances you will need to power during extended power cuts. 

For instance, how many rooms of fans and lights would you prefer to work? Do you want your air conditioner to provide cool air during power cuts? Or want your refrigerator to work properly and preserve your food. 

The delivered load calculation helps you understand the inverter capacity donated by Ah (Ampere Hour) rating. Suppose you want to buy the best inverter battery for your home that supplies power to many appliances and devices. In that case, you must ensure the inverter has a high AI rating and power generation capacity. 

3. Select as Per Property Type

The environment in which the inverter will function significantly impacts the equipment type you require, particularly in terms of product certifications and construction grade. For instance, an inverter to be used in an industrial environment will be different from that to be used in homes. Moreover, an inverter for an apartment might also differ from that of a villa. 

Luckily for you, the best thing about Livguard Power Planner is that it ensures you invest in an inverter and battery that is suitable for your property. 

We initiate your power planning by asking you to select the type of property you’re residing in, such as 2BHk, 3BHk, or even Villa, to ensure the device’s effective functioning in the operating environment. 

4. Technical Support 

Unless you or your family members have an in-depth understanding of how to choose, operate or maintain an inverter and inverter battery, you might need the seller to provide assistance in those areas. 

At Livguard, we provide you not only with an easy-to-use device to calculate the load for the inverter and battery but technical support that helps customers address these concerns. 

How to Use the Power Planner?

Now that you’re cleared with why it is important to use a load calculator let’s figure out how you can use our device. Trust us; it’s like a cakewalk!

Step 1: First, Visit the Livguard Website, and on the right-hand side above, find the Load Calculator. 

Step 2: Choose your property type 

Step 3: Now you have two choices either simply add devices or select devices as per room. 

Step 4: Set the required backup hours and average load consumption. 

Average load consumption will refer to the percentage of devices you use in your house at a given point in time. 

Step 5: After you click on Let’s Plan, you will have the house load calculation

Explore the Livguard Inverter Battery Jodi!

Now if you’re shifting into a new home and have decided to purchase an inverter and inverter battery, these inverter battery Livguard Jodis are worth exploring. 

The Peace of Mind Jodi 


A Jodi that would assure your peace of mind with its long durability and high backup power. Precisely chosen battery paired with the sturdy inverter ensures a seamless flow of energy to meet your needs.

The Urban Jodi 

A perfect combo to match the needs of your urban lifestyle, efficiently. With pure sinewave output and smart AI charging, this Jodi can go on for hours and deliver a high backup.

The Super-Life Jodi 

With a battery backed with a best-in-class warranty and a long-lasting inverter, this combo is just the right choice for your everyday energy requirements. 

The Hi-Power Jodi

The perfect Jodi to meet the backup requirements of long hours for heavy appliances, with an assured 3-year warranty. Smart AI charging along with the pure sinewave output delivers a smooth and efficient energy flow with enhanced life.

Wrapping it Up 

The bottom line is if you don’t want to waste your money on an inverter and inverter battery that doesn’t fit your needs, it’s time to use the Load Calculator. 

Easily, you would be able to choose the Livguard inverter battery for your home that supports your high-power requirements during extended and frequent power cuts. So, what are you waiting for? Go pick the top inverter battery for your home!  


1. Which inverter is best for use in the home? 

The best inverter for your home will depend on your power requirements. Based on that, you must check the inverter capacity and load it can handle. Livguard Power Planner will make this easier for you and help you find the best inverter and battery for home use. 

2. How long will a battery with 150Ah last?

You can expect a fully charged 150Ah battery to last for around 3 hours if it operates on a 400-watt-bulb load. Though, the backup will further improve if the appliance or load wattage is decreased. Livguard most batteries come with a 150Ah battery designed with 3D grid technology that supports extended performance. 

3. What is the lifespan of an inverter?

The average lifespan of an inverter is between 10 to 15 years, depending on its quality and maintenance. However, solar inverters can last up to 25 years. If you’re interested in checking out both, you can visit the nearest Livguard store with help from Dealer Locator to enquire about the same. 

4. Is it safe to keep inverters in closed rooms?

It is not suggested to keep inverters in a closed space as they could rust and overheat with time. Inverters produce large power amounts, causing them to heat while charging. As such, they must have enough space for the proper distribution of heat to prevent damage. 

Livguard Inverters features AI charging that prevents overcharging and uneven heat distribution, making it the smart choice to bring home. 

5. Why are sine wave inverters better for running sensitive appliances?

The sine wave is an advanced and enhanced technology that supplies grid-like power to your home during a blackout which increases the performance and life of the connected devices. As such, these inverters are better suited to run sophisticated appliances such as Refrigerators, TV, mixer grinder, etc. For more information about sine-wave inverters, you can visit the Livguard website

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