Which is the Best Livguard Inverter Battery for You?

Which is the Best Livguard Inverter Battery for You?

There is no sweeter place than the one you call home, right? Be it family time, working from home, helping with chores, or spending the day in bed; everything’s a great memory. You will find all the peace and calm here.

But what if your beautiful day at home is disturbed by a sudden power outage? The lovely family is irritable, hot, and uncomfortable, your plans of sleeping in are ruined, and no one wants to work. What a buzzkill!

Being in an Indian household, you must be very familiar with such load shedding. We understand and totally relate to how annoying it gets!

Hold on, now rewind the day’s events, and imagine you have the best inverter battery in India. That solves everything coming ahead.

Well, this is exactly why we have curated customised solutions for different power backup needs for every Indian home. Whether you want to invest in a new inverter or find a battery replacement, we’ve got it all. Come find your modern power system with our Livguard inverter and battery.

Which Inverter Battery Will Satisfy Your Needs?

Finding the one inverter battery in India that fits your power demands means understanding your power demands. And how do you do that?

Let us tell you a secret, it isn’t all that difficult to calculate your power load. You can tell us all about your preferences while we do the math. 

Jump to Livguard’s load calculating tool, the Power Planner, where you can enter all your power details. Start by selecting your property type, and enter the number of rooms or the number of devices you wish to run.

Our load calculator will give you your daily energy consumption. Based on this, you can select from a range of Livguard inverter and battery options.

So, what is your inverter battery choice? Be it for one or many, for a big house or a small one, or an office; your solution awaits you.

Which is the Best Livguard Inverter Battery for You?

Recently, tubular batteries have been all the craze in the inverter market because of their longevity and effective power supply. Moreover, these types are low-maintenance, less risky, and come with longer warranty periods. 

We are in for the best features and hence, specialise in delivering tubular inverter battery choices for all Indian homes. As an experienced brand in the sector of energy storage solutions, Livguard stays up-to-date with the market needs. Hence, our products are one of the top 10 inverter battery in India.

We believe in curating smart solutions customised for not only homes but also manufactured with care and safety. All this is to ensure that you do not have to compromise for power outages at home.

Livguard inverter battery choices provide you with the following benefits:

  • Assured longer life cycles for hassle-free power backup at home
  • Suitable for areas with frequent and long power outages
  • Highly economical and worth the expense
  • Several varieties to choose from
  • Low maintenance
  • Long warranty periods
  • Dealer locator to find the nearest Livguard battery dealers for you

Explore our range of the top inverter battery options in India and pick one for your home.

  1. Livguard INVERTUFF Tall Tubular 150 Ah Battery

The Tall Tubular INTERTUFF range of tubular batteries is the best fit for higher power needs. It assures a longer power supply without any interruptions and demands very minimal maintenance. The modern 150 Ah capacity and 3D grid technology helps to enhance its performance and give it a longer life.

Overall, this comes with a warranty period of 60+24 months and fits at home, in small offices, or in shops. You can also browse related tall tubular products in the INTERTUFF series.

  1. Livguard INVERTUFF Short Tubular 100 Ah Battery

Looking for a more compact solution that aligns with your space? Then is short tubular in the INTERTUFF series is the one. With 24+24 months of warranty and 100 Ah capacity, this modern grid technology can supply hours of power to prevent outage discomfort at home.

  1. Livguard INTERTUFF Short Tall Tubular 150 Ah Battery

This INTERTUFF option comes as the best blend of the previous two. The experience empowered homes with 150 Ah backup in a smaller design that suits your space availability. Being the first products with the patented 3D grid tech places these models at the top of Indian inverter batteries.

Find a smooth power supply in a modern appearance with 36+24 months of warranty. Does it get better than this?

  1. Livguard INTERTUFF Short Tubular Jumbo 160 Ah Battery

The Short Jumbo Tubular INTERTUFF battery redefines power with the strongest capacity of the lot, with 160 Ah. If your power supply demands are higher, let’s say a bigger space, or additional devices, work-from-home connections, etc., then go for this. 

There would be no going back with guaranteed efficiency and uninterrupted power for years. With low maintenance, a compact design but sturdy supply, and 18+18 months of warranty, this is the deal!

Check out these top inverter battery products by Livguard and find related systems in the series to match your requirements.

Find the Best Battery Dealer Near You

By now, you have learned about our products and service. Well, then, you know what to do when you need an ‘inverter battery dealer near me.’ 

Turn to Livguard’s dealer locator to find your fit. All you need to do is enter your location by city or zip code and get in touch with us.

for instance, if you live in Mumbai, just search the city, and you will have a list of your nearest dealers.

With your trust in us, we always put our best men forward for you. Thus, find satisfactory service resolutions with our professionals. 

When it comes to empowering, we put our customer’s priorities on top. So, connect with us, discuss your power needs, and find a dealer in your city. No sooner than this, your beautiful house will be ready for the top inverter battery installation.

Experience energy unlimited from the comfort of your own home.


Q – How long can a 150 Ah inverter battery run?

As far as the potential of a 150 Ah inverter battery is, it can easily run for 3 to 4 hours without any disturbance. However, make sure your battery is fully charged. Moreover, you can have longer hours of power if the load applied is less initially.

Q – How long does it take to charge a tubular battery?

Usually, a tubular battery needs continuous 24-hour charging. Initially, your inverter batteries can take nearly 13 or 14 hours to charge and may take longer with passing years. That being said, a tubular battery charges faster than the lead-acid types.

Q – Is tubular battery safe for home?

Yes. A tubular battery is safer than the other inverter battery types available. These are fit for homes with limited ventilation as they do not release excess fumes. Moreover, modern technology has leak-proof qualities that are safe for smaller home spaces.

Q – When should I replace my inverter battery?

If you notice direct issues like lower power supply, voltage fluctuations, faulty circuiting, or overheating, it is time to replace. However, a top-performing tubular battery can last up to 7 to 8 years. Yet you need to ensure that the system is well maintained to ensure longevity.

Q – What is the maintenance required for tubular inverter batteries?

To ensure that your tubular inverter batteries are effective and last long, you need to care for them. Dust regularly to protect them from environmental dirt. Make sure to keep the battery terminals rust-free and protected from corrosion. Also, check your floater indicators from time to time to ensure proper acid levels.

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