How to Choose the Best Inverter Battery Combo for Your Home or Office?

How to Choose the Best Inverter Battery Combo for Your Home or Office?

A power cut in the office can disturb your work and cause large-scale damage to procedures. On the other hand, a power cut at home can disrupt personal work, household chores, or a rest day. But what is common between these two situations? Well, be it at work or home, a power cut can be equally exasperating!

And that is something that you don’t want. But where do you get an inverter battery combo that tackles these power outage problems?

We understand your troubles and have solutions for them! Whether you have a power outage at home or in an office, Livguard has your back. Experience uninterrupted and efficient power supply for hours. With our inverter and battery solutions, forget about wavering power supply or outages. 

Modern energy storage solutions, with Livguard’s best inverter battery combo, fulfil all your power needs.

What is an Inverter and Battery?

Before you shop for an inverter battery combo for home, it is essential to understand the basics. Let’s begin with knowing the working behind the inverter and battery.

What are Inverters?

As you might be aware, an inverter is equipment that provides power backup during an outage and also transforms power from grid from AC current to DC so that it can be stored in the battery and then DC to AC, during powercut to run appliances. It is commonly used in power emergencies, load shedding, etc.

 There are several types of inverters available. The two most common types include:

What are Inverter Batteries?

Batteries are quite literally the soul of an inverter. An inverter battery houses all the stored energy to deliver to different appliances during an outage. Hence, batteries store the energy, can give your appliances the backup time necessary.

When the inverter is not in use, the battery gets charged to function again in time of need. A good inverter battery aims to adjust the efficiency of electric charge and supply power for a long period. 

Just like inverters, batteries are also available in different types. Amidst these, the tubular inverter battery is the most common. It comes in several forms as per home or office usage:

With this clarity, you can choose better when you decide to buy an inverter and battery. Livguard offers various combos of an inverter and battery for home or office use. 

Have a look at Livguard inverter and battery Combos that redefine power supply.

Best Inverter Battery Combo for Your Home or Office

Are you buying an inverter battery combo for the first time or looking to upgrade your existing ones? Whichever the case, Livguard has the best Combo to match your needs. With our recommended Combos, you can buy inverter and battery online without individually searching for each.

Take a look at our top-seller inverter and battery Combos.

1. The Urban Combo

Our Urban Combo comes with our INVERTUFF Sinewave Livguard Inverter and the Short Tall Tubular Battery. This Inverter Battery Combo i-verter pro offers you a combination of 900 VA of efficient supply with a 150 Ah battery. 

As such, this Combo is perfect for small homes and office spaces. They can be installed in small shops as well. With the Short Tall Tubular type battery, you can easily place the system in the house without worrying about special efficiency.

This Combo comes with 36+24 months warranty period and an efficient power supply. With the Urban Combo, consider all your urban household and office needs under check!

2. The Peace of Mind Combo

As the name suggests, with this Combo, you can forget all your power troubles. Enjoy seamless energy backup while at home or work.

The Peace of Mind Combo is a match made in heaven. It comes with the INVERTUFF Square wave Inverter and our 200 Ah Tall Tubular Battery. If you want an uninterrupted power supply in your small office, shops, or even at home, this can be your go-to pair.

With a 3+2-year warranty period, you can leave all your power backup worries behind. You can depend on running more than just your basic electrical appliances with this Combo. Experience modern technology and design that makes it smart and tough.

Besides, the Peace of Mind Combo is trusted by our customers across India, making it a best-seller.

3. The Super Life Combo

Another one of our best-sellers is the Super Life Inverter-Battery Combo. Find an INVERTUFF Sinewave Inverter with a Tall Tubular battery experience with this Combo. The 150 Ah tall tubular battery, brings you hours of limitless energy. 

This Combo can fit all the electrical needs of a house or small office space during power outages. Support your work and household chores with the Super Life Combo which gives you lasting and effective power backup.

With all its efficient energy solutions, modern-day features, and a 60+24-month warranty, this Combo is made for each other.

4. The Hi-Power Combo

Experience high power backup supply with Livguard’s Hi-Power Combo. This Combo combines the INVERTUFF Sinewave Inverter system with a Tall Tubular Battery type to support your energy requirements.

Be it at home, or in a small office or shop, this Combo’s performance always stands out. Get 200 VA / 260 Ah power supply and 42+30-month warranty embodied into modern and Hi-Tech designs. It does not get better than this!

Along with all these features, Livguard inverter-battery Combos are easy to install and maintain. You can trust our Hi-Power Combo during power cuts for years to come.

Find your Combo with our Dealer Locator 

If you are looking for an inverter battery combo for your home, chances are you want to get expert recommendations. If your recent searches look like – ‘best inverter battery dealer near me,’ or ‘battery distributors near me,’ then Livguard has the answer.

Enjoy Livguard’s energy solutions with our best-in-class services throughout India. 

You can now end your ‘battery suppliers near me’ search with our dealers spread across the country. Get professionals to assist with your power planning and suggest the best inverter-battery deals. Get in touch with experts with our dealer locator anytime anywhere.

Join the Livguard network by entering your basic details and location while we find the best dealers around you. Connect with dealers to discuss your household or office-based power needs. Further, determine your backup requirements and find a Combo that is suitable for your home or office. Experience custom solutions curated to fit your electrical needs and enjoy smooth services.

With Livguard’s energy solutions, it is time to tackle power cuts with smart and tough inverter-battery systems. With our suggestions curated for your needs, a power outage can never come your way.


Q – How long does an inverter last?

A – Generally, the lifespan of an inverter is variable. While most inverters last at least 8 to 10 years, the best solar inverters can last up to 25 years. The lifespan depends on the quality and maintenance of the system.

Q – How long does an inverter battery last?

A – On average, a good inverter battery system can last up to 8 years. With time, it is usual for the inverter battery to deliver less efficiently, And, with Livguard you have the best in class hassle free warranties to keep your appliances up and running.

Q – How long can an inverter battery run during a power outage?

A – An inverter battery of 150 Ah can smoothly run for 3 hours. Higher power inverters can often last up to 5-6 hours. If your inverter battery is fully charged, it will last you longer.

Q – How to maintain an inverter system at home?

A – Proper care and maintenance can help your inverters and batteries last longer. Ensure to keep the inverters clean and free from dust or corrosion. Check its wiring, acid levels, and water systems regularly. Make a habit of cleaning the battery terminals often.

Q – Where to keep an inverter at home?

A – Due to its high-power capacity, it is best to keep an inverter system away from children’s reach. Make sure it is away from direct sunlight, dust, and dampness.

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