Why should you buy Livguard INVERTUFF Tall Tubular battery for your home?

Why should you buy Livguard INVERTUFF Tall Tubular battery for your home?

Are you searching for a new inverter battery or upgrading your old one? An inverter battery is the foundation on which any inverter works. Thus, it plays a crucial role in enhancing its longevity and performance. Choosing the right tubular battery for your home or small office needs is essential for ensuring your inverter works well during long power cuts.

Livguard, an industry leader, offers a wide range of inverter and inverter batteries for home. With the trust of over 12 countries and nearly 4000+ dealers pan-India, you can find the best products for your home inverter battery needs here. 

In this article, we will talk about various aspects of a tubular inverter battery, including its capacity and efficiency. We will also provide you with some tips to take care of your Livguard inverter battery.

What is a Tubular Battery?

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of the best tubular battery, it is vital to know what is a tubular battery. Tubular batteries are made up of tubes of poystyrene. These tubes contain lead oxide and red led powder which is sealed using a plastic fitting. These tubes along with the chemicals filled are submerged in diluted acid. They are known for their long power backup and are an ideal choice of battery for most households. Let us look at some components of an inverter battery and how those can affect the performance of your tall tubular battery. 


An electrolyte in your inverter battery is a chemical compound which acts as a medium for reactions to happen. The electrolyte must conduct electricity readily, so the ions should remain mobile.

This is the reason you need to fill the battery with distilled water. The wet cell in your inverter battery contains an electrolyte made of sulphuric acid. This acid is then diluted with distilled water to activate the ions.

The majority of the acidic inverter batteries, like a Livguard tubular battery, have a wet cell electrolyte. 

Battery Terminals

The battery terminals in an inverter battery are separated into two segments: negative and positive.

These terminals pass the electrolytes needed to generate current. The battery’s negative terminal is made of pure lead, while the positive terminal is made of Lead Dioxide (PbO2). The terminals are also called plates.

Plate Separators

Plate separators play a critical role in preventing short circuits between the positive and negative plates in a battery. The positive and negative plates are full of charge, so they should not touch each other. If that happens, the contact will create a short circuit, damaging the battery.

To avoid this, inverter battery makers use a separator. It is a component, usually made of rubber, that keeps the two plates apart so they do not damage the tubular inverter battery. 

Cooling Fans

Cooling fans are not a component of an inverter battery. They generally are part of an inverter itself. But it is essential to know about them, especially for individuals looking to buy an inverter-battery combo.

Cooling Fans in the inverter provide a heat balance. Typically, an inverter and tubular battery should not remain too hot or too cool for a prolonged period of time.

The cooling fan ensures no temperature imbalance as the battery’s electrolyte gets affected by it. If the temperature changes from the electrolyte’s ideal range, it can reduce the lifespan of your inverter and battery, if not wholly damaging.

Microprocessor Circuit

A microprocessor circuit is always added to any inverter system. This component charges the battery in downtime, so it is ready to use when needed. It ensures a streamlined and stress-free power supply even during long power cuts. 

LED and Display

Display and LED might not seem important, but they are useful for regular home maintenance. 

They are usually a part of any best inverter battery for home. These components provide you with important updates and information about your inverter and battery’s health and status. This way, if there is any problem, you can call for help.

Enjoy your Devices During Power Cut with Livguard’s INVERTUFF 

Now that you know the essential component of an inverter battery let’s see what makes tubular batteries special and how you can find the best tubular battery with Livguard’s INVERTUFF.

The tubular battery is now a common choice for individuals with top inverter battery needs and for a good reason! These inverter batteries can typically be used in many situations, including homes, small offices, small shops etc. 

The structure of a tubular battery looks like many tubes were put side-to-side throughout it, which is why it is called a tubular battery. The main advantage of a tubular inverter battery is that it is a lead-acid battery bigger than a flat plate battery. 

Among other batteries, the tubular battery is the right fit for homes and offices with extensive power cuts. The long durability and strong effectiveness of tubular batteries make them a worthwhile investment.

INVERTUFF Tall Tubular Battery: Advantages

Tubular batteries come in various capacities and Ah options based on your backup requirements. This depends on your needs and electric consumption. You can calculate it easily using Livguard’s mighty Power Planner, which helps you quickly calculate the load.

A tall tubular battery is a battery that is more compact and longer than an average tubular battery. You may select this type of inverter battery if you have a compact space but need to fit in a taller option with more capacity. 

Tall tubular battery store relatively higher power than short batteries, so they are ideal if you have more consumption or need to run more appliances.

INVERTUFF inverter battery by Livguard is one such option. This battery is preferred by many users as it offers high battery charge acceptance, a long period of battery backup and low maintenance. 

Moreover, they come with the ultimate peace of mind with different warranties, based on your preferences. These are namely: Long Lasting (with 4 year warranty), Extra Long Lasting (with 5 year warranty), and Ultra Long Lasting (with 7 year warranty). With Livguard’s dealer locator, you can quickly contact any dealer near you for proper services.

Here are some advantages of INVERTUFF:

  • Up to 7-8 years of battery life
  • Unique 3D grid technology for longer performance and long-lasting life
  • Efficient in long power cuts
  • Supports a range of different appliances
  • Has high quality and performance for a longer backup 

Wrapping Up

Having a strong power backup system in today’s day and age is not an option but a necessity. Many people in this busy world cannot spend the time and energy required to choose an inverter battery that meets their needs, as there are millions of options, and it can get overwhelming. 

Livguard steps in here to help you eliminate this confusion with INVERTUFF tubular battery. People with frequent power cuts or high consumption rates can feel safe investing in a product that ensures high performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How does the Power Planner work?

The Livguard Power Planner is a personalised Load Calculator that suggests the best Livguard Inverter and Inverter Battery based on the devices you choose, backup hours needed, and average power use. It guarantees a reliable power backup solution for your home.

Q2 Will a dealer help me with installation?

It depends on dealer to dealer. Most of our channel partners provide installation services at their end. If you face any problem, you can reach out to our service team, LivServ at 18001025551.

Q3 How can I file a service request?

In order to file a service request for your Livguard inverter or inverter battery, you can reach out to the dealer. If that doesn’t work, you can reach out to our service team at 18001025551 and we will help you out.

Q4 How long does the inverter battery last?

On average, a well-maintained Inverter Battery can last between 2 to 7 years, but it’s important to keep an eye on its performance and replace it when necessary. Choose Livguard inverter batteries for long and durable support.

Q5 What if my nearby dealer is not open or answering my request?

In case you are unable to connect with your nearby Livguard dealer, you can reach out to us on our sales number 9205667999. We are always happy to help and prioritise your comfort above all

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