Maximising Efficiency: Benefits of High-frequency Inverter for Home Use

Maximising Efficiency: Benefits of High-frequency Inverter for Home Use

Looking for an inverter system upgrade that matches your growing needs? Your power requirements rise when shifting to a bigger space, excess online work, or adding electrical appliances. There can be a lot of reasons why you would want more electrical supply. 

Naturally, a rising need for electricity means more power backup in an outage. Hence, you might want to upgrade to an inverter for your home with better support. 

Not only does a high-frequency inverter support extra requirements, but it also adds to the overall efficiency of use. Wondering how? Well, the list of benefits would surely lure you in for good.

Livguard brings you the fastest-growing energy storage solutions for homes and other spaces. Join our complete and connected ecosystem of contented customers and experience limitless power. Measure your power requirements and find the best inverter systems for your home.

What is an Inverter And How Does it Work?

In simple words, an inverter is a device that delivers electric power in times of an outage. It is a piece of electrical equipment with a battery to support your home’s electrical load. The primary function of an inverter is to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) to replace direct supply.

The direct energy stored in rectifiers and batteries gets transformed to altering voltage. Further, this current is stored in the batteries to supply home appliances in times of inefficient supply or outages.

Home inverters are also available in various types. The most common ones include the sine wave, the pure sine wave and square wave inverters. Let’s have a closer look at sine wave and square wave inverters.

Sine Wave Inverters

As the name suggests, the energy in these inverters flows in a sine waveform. Like current from a utility supply, this type of inverter also supplies clean and consistent power. Looking for an inverter for home that supports numerous devices and high-power appliances? Then a sine wave inverter may be a good choice. Being high-powered backup equipment, these inverters tend to be expensive.

Square Wave Inverters

We understand that an expensive sine wave inverter may not fit into everyone’s budget. Yet another solution is also efficient but comparatively less heavy on the pocket. It is the square wave inverter.

As clear from the name itself, this inverter generates a square-like waveform. This inverter system supports all basic appliances at home. However, it does not accommodate as many appliances as the sine wave inverter. Hence, it is also priced at a pocket-friendly rate and is a common choice among new buyers.

Now, with a better idea of available inverter types for homes, you can look for exactly what you want. Depending on your power needs, you may settle for a high-load capacity inverter if you want enhanced efficiency with added benefits.

What are the Benefits of a High-frequency Inverter for Home?

Ready to scroll through inverters available online? Before that, we recommended comparing a regular inverter with a high-load capacity one because you must invest in the best.

Take a look at how a high-load capacity inverter for home adds extra efficiency and advantages:

  • High efficiency and reliability: a high-load capacity inverter aims to provide extra support in power emergencies. It supports numerous devices with ease and provides an uninterrupted energy supply for hours.
  • Safe with sensitive devices: high-frequency inverters offer more safety, especially around vulnerable equipment. It provides constant power support during outages or fluctuations, securing such sensitive equipment.
  • Supports heavier power needs: A regular inverter is suitable to run your basic home devices like fans, lights, laptops, etc. On the other hand, a high-frequency inverter for the home supports heavier devices like refrigerators, ACs, water systems, etc. It offers a higher range of power supply during an outage.
  • Lower power bills: the rate of utility bills can be easily compensated with a quality high-frequency backup system. A high-frequency inverter assures an efficient power supply worth the investment in the long run.
  • Reduced noise: Unlike other inverters, a high-frequency one operates with lesser noise. Hence, you can enjoy a smooth power supply without any disturbances.

Maximise Power Efficiency with Livguard Inverter for Home

Livguard’s range of high-load capacity home inverters is the right choice for you. Find high-powered solutions crafted with new-generation design technology with enhanced features and reliability. The smart and tough build also comes with excellent service and years of warranty. Overall, Livguard Inverter India brings you the whole deal with one purchase!

Enjoy smart technology with efficient design to add to your homes. Livguard offers high-load capacity sine wave technology inverters ranging from 2000 VA to 5000 VA. Pick one per your home needs and enjoy limitless power with 24 months of warranty.

Find a deep battery discharge protection and in-built gravity builder, alongside other features. With 90-95% efficiency, these inverters are also compatible with tubular, flat, and local battery types.

Choose from our top recommended high-load capacity inverter systems.

With ranging inverter Livguard products and quality service, we have become India’s fastest-growing energy solution. 

Find your power requirements and join the community of trusted customers of Livguard Inverter India.

Measure Your Power Requirements with Livguard’s Load Calculator

Before your pick an inverter from our enticing options, it is ideal to check which inverter fits your home. To understand what power backup solutions fit your problems, you need to figure out your house load. Livguard is here to help with your house load calculation too! 

Usually, a regular household needs to run basic devices during a power outage. If you are looking for a high-load capacity inverter, chances are you need to support heavier devices. Well, added appliances can make the total house load calculation complex. This is where our load calculator comes in as the saviour!

Livguard’s inverter load calculator helps determine the best inverter type for any house. Just fill in your specifications, like property type, rooms, appliances you want to run, and hours of power backup. Wait while the load calculator works its magic, and you will have an accurate idea of what your power requirements look like.

With clarity on your personal power needs, you can now easily find an inverter system. You can be ahead with power planning and get the best suggestions to purchase an inverter. 

Load calculation ensures that your appliances work well and the investment pays off. Livguard makes power planning easy with simple and automated load calculation steps.

With your power needs in mind and the best deals, experience power redefined with Livguard inverters.


1. How many hours does an inverter last?

Most inverters can support your household power needs for 5 to 10 hours. The efficiency depends on the inverter’s quality and capacity. Livguard’s high-load capacity inverters come with a 90% to 95% efficiency of use.

2. What are the risks of inverter overload?

In case your inverter faces frequent overload, the performance of the system will gradually decrease. Regular inverters can get damaged and stop working altogether. Invest in Livguard’s range of high-load capacity inverters that stabilize power supply and can support higher power needs.

3. What is the warranty period for inverters?

It is essential to check the warranty period of inverters to ensure quality. Livguard’s high-load capacity inverters come with a 24-month warranty period. Experience seamless energy solutions and services with Livguard.

4. When to change home inverters?

A good quality inverter can last as long as 10 – 15 years if maintained well. Experience years of uninterrupted power supply with Livguard inverters for homes. Moreover, get a longer warranty period and excellent customer service with Livguard.

5. How to find the best inverter for your home?

When it comes to buying the best inverter that suits your housing needs, you need to know your power requirements. Find out your power requirements with Livguard’s load calculator and get the best inverter recommendations.

6. Can an inverter support a refrigerator and AC?

Power backup from a high-load capacity inverter can also run heavier appliances like ACs and refrigerators. Livguard’s range of high-load capacity inverters also supports other appliances like microwaves and washing machines, along with basic devices.

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