Top Advantages of Buying Livguard Battery Inverter Combo

Top Advantages of Buying Livguard Battery Inverter Combo

Are you exploring the market for a compatible inverter and battery for your home but having trouble finding the right match? Worry not, because Livguard offers seamless inverter battery solutions keeping every Indian buyer in mind.  

An effective inverter and battery combo can eliminate all the tension associated with power backup solutions, such as compatibility, cost control and power backup time. With multiple options for a small inverter with battery, you can select what suits your needs the best.  

Livguard has been a leader in the power backup industry for more than a decade now, with innovative and latest solutions. We are trusted by more than 2 crore Indians and have 21,000+ dealers in Pan-India for a seamless and speedy buying process. 

Benefits of Buying an Inverter and Battery Combo

The inverter and battery backup industries are quickly evolving with a great focus on everyday needs. An inverter and battery for home for adequate power supply go hand in hand to ensure these daily needs are met. Both appliances need equal attention and care to work harmoniously and provide seamless power backup.  

Livguard offers to bring you four types of inverter battery combos that will power your home or small offices effortlessly. Let us look at some top benefits of buying an inverter battery combo.

Seamless Compatibility

Using an inverter and battery from different brands may lead to issues with compatibility as those two products were not specifically made to support each other. Lack of compatibility in the inverter battery set can lead to problems such as no timely backup, trouble in either of the devices and waste of resources due to the trial and error of finding the perfect fit.  

By getting the best inverter for home with battery from Livguard, you can be sure of seamless compatibility and support. This will lead to increased performance and efficient power supply. 

Enhanced Performance

Not all inverters and batteries are made for each other. But figuring out which battery may support your inverter can be a hassle, especially in the business of our day-to-day lives. Researching the right battery for your inverter, checking with the seller about its compatibility and ensuring care for maximum performance can still not guarantee success with the product. 

But buying the best inverter with a battery can ensure enhanced performance, better support and a long-lasting power supply. It can also slow down or nullify product degradation over time, helping you get the full worth of your investment. 


Imagine getting an inverter and battery from two manufacturers and keeping track of two separate instruction manuals for proper care and maintenance. Every company has a different set of instructions for using their product best. But keeping in mind separate instructions, care tips, and customer-service procedures for two such products can be a hassle.  

Livguard ensures that your inverter battery set has a seamless power backup experience with quick and easy customer support. Get answers to all your inverter and battery-related questions at the click of a button on your webpage. Moreover, you can also find a local dealer near your house with our dealer locator to help you with your queries. This results in faster solutions and enhanced power backup. 

Cost Effectiveness

Buying an inverter and then a battery separately from different brands can be expensive as you are purchasing two separate products. This can lead to an over budget purchase that leaves open a compatibility risk. But opting for an inverter and battery for home in a set can lead to cost-effectiveness.  

It also eliminates the need to separately maintain both products, as the inverter battery combo at Livguard is low maintenance and highly effective. Additionally, with our load calculator, the Power Planner, you can get the perfect inverter and battery for your home, leading to fewer expenses due to power overloads. 

Longer Backup

With an increased efficiency that comes with a high-quality product, you can be sure that the Livguard inverter and battery will give you a longer battery backup. When you use a different inverter and battery, the lack of compatibility can lead to decreased performance. But inverter and battery combos work in perfect sync to ensure maximum performance and longer power backups for buyers. 

How Does Livguard Inverter Battery Combo Differ? 

Every product comes at a price that must be proportional to the brand’s reputation. The Livguard inverter battery combo offers high-quality, efficiency and power-packed performance. Our inverter and battery combo comes with the highest quality parts and unique features such as AI-supported battery backup.  

You can select your match easily with four unique inverter battery combos suitable for buyers across various needs, from small offices to homes. Our product range is trusted by millions of people in India, offering the best inverter battery combo with top-quality materials.  

Moreover, you can connect with the after-sales support team across various platforms such as call, text, WhatsApp, or mail. Additionally, you can seek in-person advice from our expert dealers pan-India via our dealer locator. So, no need to worry about your product even when you have brought it home and need assistance.  

While price is an important factor, it is essential to consider quality and service with it. Selecting a product with good warranty periods and accessible service teams can help you save money in the long run.  

Inverter Battery Combo Best Suited for Every House

Livguard inverter with battery comes in four highly powerful and efficient inverter and battery combos. These combos will ensure a streamlined power supply to your house, so you don’t need to work about sweaty late nights anymore! Let’s take a look at these combos and which one suits your needs best: 

Urban Combo

With the best-in-class 3-year warranty on the inverter and a 60-month warranty on the inverter battery, this Urban Combo is a great choice for those looking to get a power supply for a small office.  

The combo comes with powerful fans to prevent overheating, low maintenance and optimised battery life. This 900V inverter and 150 Ah battery will help you hop on meetings effortlessly, no matter the electricity availability in your area.

Peace of Mind Combo

Peace of Mind combo is one of the best inverters for home with a battery if you have a large residence. It can easily power multiple rooms with its efficient 1250V inverter and 200 Ah battery. The combo provides high backup and is backed with Smart Artificial Intelligent charging to retain efficiency and prevent overcharging. In addition to that, it also comes with an assured warranty of 3 years / 36+24 Months for you to have peace of mind at all times.

Super Life Combo

With a 72-month battery warranty, the Super Life combo is a powerful, long-lasting backup solution for all your electricity needs. The inverter battery combo comes with extra load-bearing capacity for those high-consumption days. It is a power-packed solution for businesses with higher battery needs and comes with a 1500 VA inverter and 150 Ah battery. The best part is that you can claim a warranty on your product with the help of our after-sales teams.  

Hi Power Combo

If you are looking to power multiple devices for an extended period of time, the Hi-Power combo is made for you. This inverter battery combo has an 84-month warranty and heavy load handling capacity. Moreover, the 2000V inverter and 260 Ah battery will effortlessly keep running during extensive cuts as they charge with Smart AI technology that prevents damage.  

Wrapping Up

An inverter and battery combo is a great investment when it comes to sturdy and affordable power solutions. It is a great way to ensure long-lasting, compatible and convenient power backup for your home so you can rest or work without worry during long sweaty days. Livguard is an industry leader in the power solution field with over 2 crore customers. We aim to pair innovation with high-power solutions to bring a seamless power supply to your homes.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most powerful inverter and battery combo?

Livguard’s Hi Power Combo is an inverter battery combo that has a 2000V inverter and 260 Ah battery to fit all your power needs. This ensures you can connect multiple devices to your inverter and power them up for those long power cuts.

2. What is the warranty on inverters in Livguard combo?

All inverters in the inverter battery combo come with a 3-year warranty. All inverter batteries in the inverter battery combo come with a 5-10 years of warranty. This warranty can be claimed easily via text, WhatsApp, call or mail.

3. How do I install the inverter and battery set?

Although all inverter and battery sets from Livguard come with an installation manual, it is always advised to get it installed by professionals of our Livserve Team. You can connect with your nearest Livguard dealer via our dealer locator to buy and install your combo.

4. How do I find the inverter battery combo that fits my needs?

To find an inverter that fits your needs, use Livguard’s easy-to-navigate Power Planner. It will help you assess your needs and select an inverter accordingly.

5. Where can I call Livguard’s after-sales team?

Livguard has a dedicated after-sales team to solve all your product-related queries. You can reach them at 1800-1025-551.

How can I determine which battery to buy with a Livguard inverter combo?

All four types combos are set of an inverter and a battery that suits that capacity the best. This eliminates the worry of selecting an appropriate battery for your inverter.

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