Short Tubular Jumbo 101: Everything You Need To Know

Short Tubular Jumbo 101: Everything You Need To Know

Who doesn’t love coming home to a cool and breezy home? Imagine walking home after a long workday of toiling under the hot sun. You enter the cool room you have been dreaming about all day, only to walk through the door. Wait a minute! What’s that? Hot air blowing right in your face. 

Power cuts are a daily occurrence across the country. While losing power is a major inconvenience in and of itself, the fast-approaching summer makes a bad situation worse. You can have all the latest ACs and cooling systems in place, but none are helpful without a consistent power supply. This is where inverters come in. A suitable inverter paired with an efficient inverter battery can ensure that your home and workplace remain cool and powered even during prolonged outages.

But where do you find inverter batteries that have good battery life, are efficient and long-lasting? Luckily Livguard inverter battery has come to the rescue! We have everything from inverters to high-performance inverter batteries for your power needs! Our Short Tubular Jumbo battery is the holy grail of inverter batteries for those who need high voltages during lengthy power outages. Here’s everything you need to know about Livguard’s Short Tubular Jumbo battery!

Types of Inverter Batteries and Their Uses

Every inverter, home, shop and workplace has different energy needs. Inverter batteries come in different subtypes to accommodate various size requirements and power needs. 

Flat inverter batteries have a simple design with positive and negative plates and a separator. These batteries are inexpensive but have a shorter lifespan and can short-circuit easily.

Tubular batteries are built for strength and efficiency. This inverter battery, with its large capacity and durable design, is perfect for power guzzlers. The positive and negative plates of tubular inverter batteries are arranged in a cylindrical shape with a membrane between them to prevent short circuits.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Short Tubular Jumbo Battery

Are you tired of constant power outages that last for hours on end? Do you want to start your workday without worrying about power for your machines and computers? Do you want to come home to a smiling family and a cool home? Then it’s time to get Livguard’s INVERTUFF Short Tubular Jumbo Battery

As a short tubular battery with jumbo capacity, this battery solves all your power problems! What should you check before buying an inverter battery? Here’s everything you need to consider!

Battery Capacity 

Let’s be honest; when power cuts happen, they last a long time. Your inverter battery needs to store enough energy to provide unlimited power even during those long hours with a power cut. 

Battery capacity is measured in Ampere-hours or Ah. This provides an estimate of how long a battery would last, depending on the amount of usage. The higher the Ah, the longer a battery lasts.

Livguard’s INVERTUFF Short Tubular Jumbo Batteries boasts a capacity range of 150 to 180 Ah, transferring 160 amperes in one hour. This makes it suitable for households and businesses that experience frequent power cuts for extended periods. Our Short Tubular Jumbo Battery provides uninterrupted power for long stretches of time.

Battery Life 

You don’t want to have an inverter installed only to have it die out in the middle of a hot day. It’s really important to choose an inverter battery that is durable and lasts you through the longest of power cuts. 

This is why Livguard’s Short Tubular Jumbo features SuperTUFF 3D grid technology and Non-Woven Gauntlet, which enhances the battery’s performance. It does so by improving the flow of current through the battery’s plates and preventing tube bursts. These technologies increase the battery’s lifespan, making it an excellent investment for long-term power backup.

Ease of Maintenance

A battery lasts as long as you maintain it. But who has the time to keep up with long maintenance procedures? This is why Livguard’s Short Tubular Jumbo batteries have a compact and easy-to-maintain design.

Cost and Warranty

Inverters and batteries are essential investments, but you don’t have to break the bank to get them! Our inverter batteries are highly economical and come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Where our prices help you buy quality products at affordable rates, our warranty brings peace of mind. This means that you can enjoy your uninterrupted power without worry!


As with any successful Jodi, your inverter and inverter battery need to be compatible with each other to ensure that sparks fly! This is a simple matter of connecting cables, power requirements and testing. 

Livguard’s inverter batteries, including the Short Tubular Jumbo, are designed for seamless compatibility and excellent performance. The battery’s compact design ensures that it fits easily into small spaces and is easy to maintain. Discover some of our best inverter battery Jodis today! 

Is The Short Tubular Jumbo Right For You?

Does our Short Tubular Jumbo make the perfect Jodi for your inverter and energy needs? Put it to the test with Livguard’s Power Planner! The power planner is an optimized load calculator that helps determine which inverter and battery is best for your power needs!  

Simply choose your property type, the devices you must plug in per room, and how many hours you’ll need a backup for! Our load calculator will tell you your total house load along with the perfect inverter and battery options for your home!


Q – How Do Inverter Batteries Work?

A -Inverter batteries store electricity when power is available and release it during outages. Inverters convert DC power from the battery into AC power for household use, and the inverter batteries store that power ensuring continuous electricity supply during powercut. Livguard inverter batteries are designed to provide limitless power for your home at all times.

Q – What is the Lifespan of an Inverter Battery?

A – The lifespan of an inverter battery is dependent on usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions. The battery can easily last two to eight years or more with proper care and maintenance. Livguard’s SuperTUFF 3D grid technology and Non-Woven Gauntlet ensure that our batteries have a long life and superior performance.

Q – What is the 3D Grid Technology Used in Livguard Inverter Battery?

A – Livguard’s Inverter Batteries use 3D Grid Technology to hold active material for about 20% longer and improve current flow. The 3D Grid Technology enhances the life and capacity of inverter batteries.

Q – How do I Know When My Inverter Battery Needs to be Replaced?

A – Consider replacing your inverter battery if it fails to hold a charge, produces a foul smell, or shows signs of physical damage such as bulging or leaking. Livguard’s Short Tubular Jumbo Battery is designed with advanced technology, with all safety features ensuring long-lasting durability for reliable power backup.

Q – How Do I Connect My Inverter to Battery?

A – Connecting an inverter to a battery is an easy process of considering compatibility, connecting the cables, and testing. Livguard’s Inverter Batteries have a sleek design to ensure smooth connection and compatibility.

Q – Which Inverter Battery is Best For My Home and Shop?

A – Livguard’s Power Planner is a load calculator that helps you decide which inverter and battery are ideal for your home and workspace. Simply add the size of your space and the devices required to get personalised recommendations.

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