Beat the Summer Power Outages With the Best Inverter Battery Combos 

Beat the Summer Power Outages With the Best Inverter Battery Combos 

Are you looking for uninterrupted comfort and to survive frequent power cuts, especially during the scorching summer months? If you’ve been seeking an ideal inverter to power your appliances, you’ll likely find a hundred options.  

But which inverter is suitable for you? How can you pick the perfect battery to pair with it? The questions are endless. But take a deep breath because Livguard is here to your rescue! 

We introduce our inverter and battery combos – an ideal solution to tackle those pesky power outages.  

Let’s explore potent inverter and battery combos perfectly tuned to match your power consumption needs. 

Find Your Power Consumption Needs With the Inverter Load Calculator  

Calculate your home’s power load requirements before zeroing in on the best inverter battery combo. How to do that? 

Luckily, load calculation is not rocket science. However, the manual calculation is time-consuming. Solution? 

Enter Livguard’s power consumption calculator, the Power Planner.  

It’s a helpful tool to understand your power load needs and help bring home an inverter and battery combo that offers an uninterrupted power supply during lengthy power outages.  

All you need to do is follow these four simple steps: 

  • Choose the type of property 
  • Add the devices you wish to operate during the outage  
  • Select the number of hours for backup and average load consumption  
  • Click on Let’s plan 

The power consumption calculator will show you the ideal Livguard inverter and battery options that fit your home’s needs. 

Choose the Ideal Power Backup Solution – Livguard’s Best Inverter Battery Combos 

Sometimes power failures can range between 4 to 8 hours. So, you can’t avoid owning an alternate power backup system. These inverters and batteries deliver backup power to keep your essential home devices running.  

While inverters and batteries are different devices, buying them from one brand has many benefits. Plus, the discounts on combo deals can save you extra bucks! It’s a win-win! 

Available across 21000+ pin codes, Livguard offers four power inverters and battery combos.  

The Urban Combo  

Livguard’s Urban Combo brings you their potent 900 VA sine wave inverter and a 150 Ah inverter battery. The i2-verter Pro | INVERTUFF model can power appliances in small spaces like homes, small-size shops and offices. 

With features like AI charging and the capacity to handle the extra load, the Urban Combo is your perfect power backup solution. Plus, this inverter battery combo requires low maintenance. You also get a 3-year warranty on each Livguard inverter with 36 + 24* warranty on the inverter battery.  

There’s more! You can alternatively get the square wave inverter with a tall tubular instead of the sine wave. The square wave is best for handling surges in power and is less expensive.  

The high-quality Livguard battery inverter combo is sleek and compact. Further, its robust make adds to its durability that helps it to last many years. 

The Peace of Mind Combo  

One of Livguard’s best-selling inverter battery combos on the list is the Peace of Mind Combo. It includes a 1250 VA square wave inverter with a 200 Ah tall tubular battery.  

The inverter battery combo for home also comes with a 3-year warranty on inverter with 36 + 24* warranty on the inverter battery.   that brings the power of limitless energy and peace of mind. It is a suitable inverter for small offices, homes, and shops. Backed with intelligent AI charging technology, the power duo can handle the extra load without any hassles. 

Its long-lasting battery life offers an unlimited flow of energy to brighten your homes and keep the summer heat at bay. The Peace of Mind inverter and battery for home has high charge acceptance for increased power backup. It is lightweight and easy to install in small spaces.  

The Super Life Combo  

Next in line is our other best-seller, the Super Life combo. The i-verter Pro | INVERTUFF involves a 1500 VA sine wave inverter and a 150 Ah tall tubular inverter battery. The Livguard Super Life Combo is a perfect fit if you are looking for a power backup solution that fits your home’s power requirements accurately and efficiently.  

With this power-packed Combo, you get an assured inverter warranty of 3 years and 60+24 months for the inverter battery.  

What’s striking about this combo is that it is not just suitable for homes. It can efficiently power up small offices and shops with uninterrupted power. Because it produces a smooth sine waveform, it enhances the life of appliances in power cuts.  

After all, you want to keep your sensitive appliances or LED TV safe from power fluctuations. Besides, some inverters generate excessive heat for AC motors like refrigerators and microwaves. But the Livguard Super Life Combo protects your home appliances from such risks.  

The Livguard battery inverter combo offers the best-in-class warranty and a long-lasting inverter. It also delivers a seamless and efficient energy experience, making it the perfect choice for everyday energy requirements.  

The Hi-Power Combo  

As the name suggests, the Hi-Power combo brings you the heavy-duty 2000 VA sine wave inverter with a tall tubular 260 Ah inverter battery. One of the best features the Livguard combo offers is its warranty tag. This Hi-Power combo comes with a 3-year warranty for the inverter and a 42+30-month battery warranty.  

It also has AI charging capabilities that use an ideal charging method by reading the battery history and providing extra battery life. The battery’s premium and deep cycle design ensure durability, making it suitable for areas with lengthy power cuts.  

The inverter and battery combo produce pure sinewave output. Hence, these devices generate less electrical noise, ensuring no lines on your TV set and no hum in your sound system. 

How to Locate a Dealer Near You?  

Now that you can buy inverter and battery online suited for your power needs, it’s time to know how.  

To locate a dealer in your area, visit the dealer locator page and enter the pin code or your city name to find a dealer. It will list the details of Livguard battery dealers nearby. Simple! 


This summer, don’t let power outages damper your comfort and convenience. Livguard’s inverter battery combos offer the perfect solution to keep you calm and connected during power outages.  

From the Urban Combo to the heavy-duty Hi-Power Combo, Livguard designs each set to meet your electricity needs and provide an uninterrupted power supply. Explore the above features and find your best summer companion to eliminate power cuts forever! 


1. What does power overload mean? 

Running multiple devices simultaneously with an inverter than recommended causes power overload. It triggers your inverter to trip and stop operating. To avoid this, you can minimise the use of high-load devices like water geysers, refrigerators, and washing machines. 

Use the inverter load calculator to find your power consumption requirements and choose the appropriate Livguard inverter and battery for home.   

2. Where should I install my inverter and battery? 

The best place to install your inverter and battery is somewhere cool and dry. Ensure they are out of children’s reach, and avoid keeping them in direct sunlight.  

Also, keep them away from any flammable materials and heat sources. Safely placing the inverter and battery can also improve their lifespan. 

3. Why is the inverter’s battery getting hot after charging? 

It’s normal if the inverter’s battery gets warm after charging. However, if it’s getting too hot, contact the service team to find the reason. While power overload can be one of the reasons for overheating, it’s best to get professional advice.  

You can contact the Livguard service team at +91 18001025551 between 9 am to 6 pm to get all your service issues resolved within 48 working hours! 

4. What are the disadvantages of buying an inverter and battery from different brands? 

While you can buy inverter and battery online from different brands, there are some cons attached to it, including: 

  • The two devices may not sync due to different designs or make. 
  • It can be tricky to install two devices together, as their instruction manuals can have varied steps.  
  • The maintenance instructions may differ for inverter and battery and require constant servicing for proper functioning.  
  • Buying an inverter and battery from different brands can cost more money.  

Combos from the same brand is more sustainable.  

5. Can frequent power cuts damage the inverter battery performance? 

Although inverter battery helps sustain power cuts and handle electricity fluctuations, extreme spikes and surges can hamper its performance over time. So, ensure investing in high-quality battery and inverter combos that optimise performance. Allow it to charge properly, and schedule regular maintenance to keep the battery clean for the best output. 

6. How often should I fill distilled water to my inverter battery? 

Lead-acid batteries require you to refill the water. Before filling the battery with distilled water, check its water level indicator and the acid level. Avoid overfilling the inverter battery, as it can malfunction.  

You must also check if the acid in your battery is colourless, as it shows how well your inverter battery is working. You can contact the service team using Livguard’s dealer locator for assistance.

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